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100% of all Sci-Fi mmos fail for some reason. Even the Star Wars one which I had open beta too failed.

It is simply due to the fact that Healers are few and far between in their lore and so they have to fill in the gaps. Then there is the fact that most Sci-Fi worlds are highly underdeveloped in a lore term, most of their lore is focused on space and the ships. But yea I would like a SC MMO.

Then there is the fact that the greedy Red Cross recently made it illegal for any video games to show a red cross in them. So the medics would have to be changed for that.
It would be laughably awful. Starcraft is a dead IP and Blizzard knows it.
Give me a playable High Templar and it's a deal =)
Modern day Blizzard aren't capable of producing the quality needed for a World of Starcraft.

Look at what project titan turned into with overwatch.
Jeez why can't you guys just play along and answer the question? The poster didn't say "Debate the merits of a possible StarCraft MMO" It said what character would you play? For !@#$ sake.

I liked starcraft years ago but I wouldn't trust blizz with another mmo after the !@#$fest they've been pulling.
I've thought about this (and wished) for years... but MMORPG style games aren't considered trendy any more(and haven't been for almost a decade), so I can't imagine Blizz ever committing the massive amount of time and money to develop one....

Games like fortnite are the new trendy game. Cheap to make, cheap to play. Even this morning I read an article about how fortnite is causing divorces and and college kids to fail out... do you remember 10 years ago when those news stories were about Wow and other MMOs? Pepperidge farms remembers. :'(
if they made world of starcraft I would switch in an instant, the way world of Warcraft is right now doesn't feel good to me.

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