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lol we have to start contributing stuff now, we don't enter the scenario for another 5- 6 days for bad 340* rng gear

fixed, stop spreading false info
"Now everybody...have you heard...if you play Alliance...then the stroke's the word..."

"Stroke me, stroke me...give me the business all night long...stroke me, stroke me.."
"Stroke me, stroke're so unsubbing WoW..."
"Stroke me, stroke me...say you're a whiner cause man you're just a cryin' now..."

I mean this in the most honest way but that's legit the only method you have to get them to care is to show you aren't going to pay for this bugged content. Enough doing this gets the message across. One would hope at least.
This expansion has been full of horde favoritism since the pre patch! I loved leveling but this waiting bull is getting annoying.... now he horde gets yet another leg up on Alliance. It’s not even disputable at this point, literally a kick in thes nads yet again from blizzard. May come to my mid expac break sooner than expected.
The silly thing is, I can fix Warfronts easily through simple suggestions. This all should have been done in the first place, and it's too late to implement such, but if I were to design Warfronts, this is what I would have done:

Cycle: 1.5 weeks cycle at max. For the whole thing, this means in a sense that each phase lasts 3 days, or potentially two days for the contribution phase depending on how much the Alliance/Horde contributes.

Gear: If it has to remain the same as how it is currently in terms of how gear is distributed, then this is what I would do;
- All 340 ilevel gear is instead turned to at most 325. Rares I'm not too certain about because it's technically where the fact that they rarely give it is a tricky thing, however with the cycle fix, we'd be doing rares once every 1.5 weeks, rather than 'Blizzard's intended 3.5 week cycle'.
- 'Tier 3' (reward from completing the quest for Battle for Stormgarde) gear, again because of the increased frequency, I would place at... 350 or so ilevel. An upgrade, but Raiding on Normal can replace it.

What does this accomplish?

- More frequent rotations, which mean more gear drops, and more chances at Transmog rewards. Originally, this is what I believe most people were interested in, the Transmogs since Warfronts introduced unique armor/weapons.
- Doesn't trivialize other forms of content. Mythic 0s still hold value, as they reward 340 gear, which Warfronts will every 1.5ish weeks rewards a 350 singular piece.
- Would have not impacted the Raiding scene much, since as of today if this was the case of how Warfronts were to be, both Alliance and Horde would have 'balanced out' in gear.
- Access to Doom's Howl/Lion's Roar more often, which I am unsure on changing ilevel for if that were to be the case.

Just my random mulling thoughts as I'm sitting here staring at WoW.
09/16/2018 08:37 AMPosted by Halen
I thought about rerolling to a dark iron dwarf, thoughts?

09/16/2018 07:14 AMPosted by Grimlinnir
It’s disgusting and wrong.

I suppose you are right, Down with those underground dwellers! Humans are the master race.

When in doubt, claim Horde favoritism. Is that like the new catch line for our faction now? I mean, Blizzard literally spelled it out that a cycle consists of Alliance controlling it, then Horde. Once the alliance gets it back, you are able to kill the elites again for loot. What part of that is Horde favoritism? It's like you are running out of stuff to complain about so we start making stuff up now.

Why are you posting on your only Alliance character and pretending to be an Alliance player? You do know that nobody is fooled by it right?
09/16/2018 10:47 AMPosted by Malorash
09/16/2018 10:43 AMPosted by Darkgary
I donated some to the war effort but not anymore.

Don't waste gold and resources donating to the war effort. The percentage goes up the exact same amount every 24 hours, the contribution is a load of bull!@#$, it's just a timer.

I will preface this by noting I find this really frustrating that it just so happens that the same faction keeps getting to benefit from "bugs". They should have had warfront guides/clarifications all over social media before they even started.

That said, let's not cut off our noses to spite our face. You get lots of rep from doing those dailies. I don't have enough of a manic personality to have grinded it out yet, so I like the rep rewards.
For the record, I am a Horde main and I am cancelling my sub because of this.

I'm just done with it. There are better games that are less drama-inducing.
Like, I don't love complaining, but...this feels bad. The communication has been terrible--there's been no real communication on when a reset would happen, much less that it would be different depending on which faction you played.

As someone who mains Alliance, my experience has been this:

Show up to Warfront on the first day or two. Kill all the rares with Horde alongside us. Kill the world boss. Do nothing.

Watch as Horde players get a scenario to invade, while we have no scenario to defend. The scenario is infinitely repeatable, unlike the rares. The scenario guarantees an iLevel 380 item; such an item was available as a chance from the world bossThe scenario allows fresh 120s to reliably improve their gear, a process that's taken most players playing at the same (low-ish) level of difficulty a few weeks. This is fixed, but the replayable scenario still remains.

Meanwhile, there's no weekly reset. No new rares to kill. Just a bar to watch. We are still doing nothing.

Finally, Horde gets control of the warfront. We assume that this means that, like them, we are going to have the ability to kill the rares whilst also contributing to the war effort. Except we don't; all we have is the ability to contribute relatively expensive materials for a decent-but-not-repeatable amount of AP. No second crack at the rares.

And, yes, this will balance out in the long term. Yes, this won't matter a year from now. But I'm not playing a year from now; I'm playing right now, and I've just found out that there's one less thing for me to do. That I have to wait another week just to try the scenario. Another two weeks to farm rares or do anything of import in Arathi.

It's not the end of the world. None of the things here are the end of the world. But something doesn't have to be the end of the world to feel bad. Much of this expansion has been this way for the Alliance. There's no real introduction to Uldir. There are three horses (and I love horses, but still) available as reputation mounts; no wicker mounts or gryphon mounts, even though both of those definitely appeared in the world (looking at you, Ion in the AMA). There is the continued denial of Silver Covenant elves--or equivalent Void Elf character customization--as an allied race even as they show up as an Alliance race in Island Expeditions. There's watching two of our cities burn--one to ash--while our only advance feels like a Pyrrhic victory at best and a catastrophic loss of an entire once-human city at worst.

This will feel less bad--hopefully--in months to come, as more of the story unfolds, as Warfronts become more numerous. But, right now, it feels really, really bad. It feels like I've chosen the wrong faction to have fun. It should never feel like a player has chosen the wrong faction to have fun.
In a mon... no, I guess with the Warfront cycling system, it's more like in... six months, none of this will matter—the 340s and 370s will be obsolete, used only for transmog, and both factions will have had enough resets (and many of us will have more alts) that Horde getting an extra lockout's worth of rares will have averaged out to not matter so much, in much the same way that hotfixing the Warfront to require 320 ilvl isn't something that will matter by the time Horde take the scenario back again.

Just because it won't matter then doesn't mean it doesn't matter now. I am very, very disappointed about this, and even more disappointed that I keep having to type "I am very disappointed about how this was handled" so frequently in the past month (and three days).

Everything about Warfronts so far has been a disappointment, and I didn't have especially high hopes for it in the first place so it's not an issue of expectation vs. reality.
09/16/2018 07:27 AMPosted by Farisha
09/16/2018 07:26 AMPosted by Komara
Don't we still have 2 hours until the scenario closes for Horde and Alliance can begin donating our crap the to war campaign? When did the rare reset happen for Horde?


this is not the EU forums. They should not be here.
So like if a video game is based on a faction war...

And one side is clearly given advantages over the other...

Isn't the video game broken?
You know, if I were a big conspiracy theorist with enough tinfoil, I'd say that between Sylvanas burning down Teldrassil in a moment of "reeeeee" and then the bugs with warfronts appearing to favor Horde, this is just Blizz's attempt to double-dip on faction transfers and make extra money.

But that absolute crazy talk.... right?
the AMA was a joke, Blizzard is a joke right now.
09/16/2018 12:02 PMPosted by Gamefather
the AMA was a joke, Blizzard is a joke right now.
And they shouldn’t be. They basically took MMOs and revolutionized them. Now they’re just pissing all over it. It’s a god damn shame and it’s pathetic.
So to my count horde got:
Rares (340 gear)
Repeatable rep turn ins (reputation gear)
Warfront scenario (guaranteed 370 quest + guaranteed 340 gear per warfront)
Zone Boss (chance at 370 gear)
Rares (340 gear)
Quests (1x 340 gear)

Alliance got:
Rares (340 gear)
Zone boss (chance at 370 gear)
Quests (1x 340 gear)
Repeatable rep turn ins (reputation gear)

In first month
Alliance also got further shafted by the new 320 ilvl req
So we get screwed again....Horde got to farm Rares the first week while they were giving stuff for the war effort....then they get almost 3 days of farming 340+ gear for their main and alts that just hit 120 and were under ilvl 320...then blizzard fixes that and makes it 320 to go in that we the Alliance are putting in supplies we can't get too the rares but the Horde can.....must be bloody nice to have all that gear raining down them ..along with pets...mounts and toys that come off the rares that we Alliance have to wait for again.
I'll be honest. What frustrates me more than anything about this is realizing that it's going to take me EIGHT. MONTHS. To complete the Tier 3 version of the warfront Mog. Like honestly. That's all I want. That's it. I don't even care about the rares or the gear or whatever. I just want the !@#$ing mog. T_T

To my understanding, the only thing that awards the Tier 3 appearance is the quest that awards the 370 loot which you only get ONCE per warfront, right? Am I correct there?

Meanwhile PVPers can get their FULL SET version in a day's worth of rating grinding..
09/16/2018 11:51 AMPosted by Warpdrive
For the record, I am a Horde main and I am cancelling my sub because of this.

I'm just done with it. There are better games that are less drama-inducing.

I've also unsubscribed over this.

Not because "boo hoo, horde has chances at more ap and loot than me", but because this is indicative of a larger problem. The entirely of BFA has felt sloppy with almost zero oversight as far as quality assurance goes. Piled on top of the lack of communication and bugs/issues raised in beta that continue to be unresolved 6 months later truly has me feeling like I'm stuck on Mr. Blizz's Wild Ride. This is the one time where I've felt that doing nothing literally moves you backwards in regards to azerite gear and neck levels. It's bananas to me that we can actually lose existing traits that we already have if we get a new piece of gear and our neck isnt high enough. I've had it with running on the gerbil wheel and pretending im getting somewhere
Mmmm delicious alliance tears... Mmm

Let's be fair you're all getting another kill on our warchief. So it's all fair to me

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