I no longer trust Blizzard to put out a Quality Game

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They are no longer developing enjoyable content, they just want to keep us subbed. PATHFINDER. This achievement's very existence proves my point. Ruin the content by artificially stretching it out. Lore master, campaigns, rep grinds are FORCED on us. I am happy to take the whole expansion to do this stuff, but you lock everything else behind it. Most people are done with these BFA reps, I never finished most BC and wotlk reps with flying lol. PATHFINDER SUCKS.
09/18/2018 03:25 PMPosted by Davey
Yeah, the current expansion is a joke. I, for one, cancelled my sub.

Smart, that’s your only vote. I’m having fun, but I agree if the game isn’t fun for an individual they should move on.
09/18/2018 05:00 PMPosted by Espur
Arguably, there is a wide variety of content to do.

Arguably. Much of it is recycled, and a constant grind. There's very little content with substance - content like the leveling experience, and post-endgame things like Argus. Virtually everything we do right now is part of long grinds to keep us playing.

Played since a few months after release. Not trying to say that’s cool or anything, but I can tell you there has always, always been a grind. Not as bad as old school mmo’s, but WOW has always had grinds.

You can get exalted in a couple weeks, but people are crying? Try taking weeks to get to level cap...there is nothing new to a grind in an mmo. GD is a small group of players, who are vocal and complain a lot. Most are playing the game. There is a lot of recent communication, you either are encouraged by it, or you should vote w your wallet and quit.
09/18/2018 03:38 PMPosted by Tudilles
Blizzard, does not only work on WoW.

They have other games, that currently are top of their genre. Hearthstone, Heroes, OW and even D3. Hell, the return of SC:Remaster as well.

I don't think you can logistically say they cannot put out a "quality game" when they currently as a dev company sit at the top across multiple genres.

Sure WoW currently is in a state of some big issues, but MMO's are never constant and issues will be had as well as good things too
Hearthstone the cynical netdecking cashgrab, HotS the laughingstock of the Moba genre, SC which they killed, D3 which they abandoned, OW where they failed to produced Titan and used the engine to instead clone TF2.

Oh yeah, those are such great examples of a game company at peak creative performance.
09/18/2018 03:23 PMPosted by Xzedonius
So, after some thought. I just realized that Blizzard, after the AMA, essentially is working on fixing every single "System" in an expansion. So they say.

So, I ask you all, how can you still trust this company when they put out such a product in an unfinished/untested state?

From what I understand, Blizz is trying out a new AI system. Idk if that has anything to do with how this expac is going, but it's tech and tech always screws up.
Not making excuses, just the way it is.

I'll still hang out as I do have a bit of fun ingame but I'm hoping there's more because if this is it, then that's definitely weird and disappointing.
Yeah I kind of feel this way too. My bf and I have already cancelled and are moving on to play other things. I’m sure if a new game comes out by Blizz we’d try it, but we’ll see how that turns out.
I should enjoy a brand new expansion way more. Don't feel I got what I paid for. The slow drip of content... that is dragging out giving me things I pre-paid for. The development time that's going into warfronts and island expeditions is wasted and not what people want. The kind of lazy aspects "hey give everyone a boat, that'll be as cool as class halls or garrisons". Treasure chests with crappy grey loot, and 7xWar Resources. Underwhelm me more please.
Holy hell, you people would whine even if they did everything right. Go play something else if you’re that dissatisfied. Cancel your sub and go bother some other game forums.
I no longer trust Oz to fix anything. I get some cooking mats as a prize for winning a bg. COOKING MATS. Whomever decided to merge RPGMMO with a casino needs to go.
09/18/2018 08:36 PMPosted by Taleska
Holy hell, you people would whine even if they did everything right. Go play something else if you’re that dissatisfied. Cancel your sub and go bother some other game forums.

Actually I would like them to fix this game instead of starting over after a decade plus. If you do not like to read such may I suggest not clicking the post. There I fixed it for you and the solution was 1 idea and not RNG selected.

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