How Many Grandparents Play WoW?

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I am fortunate enough to be a grandparent. I have two grandkids. This character right here was started by my oldest daughter on this account when she was just 15. Now she's almost 29. I have a Gnome Warrior that's level 91 that was started by my youngest daughter when she was 12, and now she's 26. Both have their own WoW accounts now, but they are not active.

How many of you out there are grandparents? I can't be the only one.
Wow u old.
you're not
Grandma here
I do and my husband does when he isn't furthering his education.

I'm a step granny to his grandkids (we been together 22 years as of sept 1 )
:raises hand:
Not a Grandpa. but many of my toons my kid leveled when she was 8-9, now 19 and a top class Pally healer. I just take the toons she does not want.
Old people rock!
waves cane!!!
<~~~Three grown kids, one grand child, 19 nieces and nephews, 32 great nieces and nephews.

EDIT: 3 great great nieces and nephews

Second EDIT: I'm only 48 years old.
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Second EDIT: I'm only 48 years old.

Right there with you...or just a little ahead at least
I'm not a GP but my bro has a kid and my dad got us into WoW, i used to raid with him in karazan when i was small and he has a 120 paladin
Grandma here!! I still have a son, 31, who plays and a granddaughter, almost 16, who played before school started back this year.
my old guild leader had 55 yo back in TBC, i got to play with his family
I started teaching my grandson how to play WoW as soon as he was big enough to sit on my lap and push the number 1 for shoot. He is now 8 yo and I gave him his own realm to create and play his own characters. I'm known in my family as Grandma WoW! and I am quite proud of that title!
Raises hand , been playing since 2006 before i became a grandma:) Btw only 47.
Many of my guildies are 60+ with grandkids, and they still actively raid with us as well since wrath. :)
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waves cane!!!

I use a staff when my knees bother me ...
I've only been a grandpa for 6 months, so still kinda new at it.
I feel so young. Thank you for this thread.
I am a father returning to WoW since BC. I used to play with my FiL, but took a break to spend more time with my sons when they were younger. Now that my oldest is able to start playing, we will be playing with Grandpa, an uncle, and some friends.

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