Sub rogue pve rotation is boring w/o DfA

I find sub rogue PvE rotation extremely boring without DfA.

I love the idea of having burst windows but just popping a personal steroid and activating a different type of combo generator to dump the points into the same finisher is very very dull both thematically, choreographically and on paper in my opinion.

How many of you share this frustration of the removal of dfa?
I use it on PVP :D
DFA isn't even worth it. It's more utility now with style points put into it.
Secret technique is basically the same, it just doesn't do the big numbers unfortunately.
DfA was a band-aid that helped mask the sub-par class design that Legion gave us. Now that the band-aid has been peeled off, the spec is exposed for what it really is: lackluster.
Not having finality takes away from the amazing little burst windows as well.

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