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How the heck is this NOT a water walking mount?

You can find the mount here

I understand not wanting to cheapen the feeling of fishermen who have earned water walking mounts, and not appearing to just be a pay2win game, but I strongly feel like people that have earned water walking mounts already should be granted water walking abilities on this mount as well if it is obtained. This would just give us a greater variety of water walking mounts to chose from.
Wasn't there a spat between the community and Ion, about taking away water-walking from the bug mounts, back in WoD?

I doubt all this outrage would affect Ion, since he thinks water-walking breaks the game somehow.
There was, and they decided against it. If they decide to take it away from all mounts for next expac then that's fine, but i still feel like if the switch is turned to enable water walking it should also be applied to this mount if an individual meets the requirements.

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