An Eventful Battle-Fozruk

In the scenario and Foz spawned (with the star on the map) outside of the keep. He stood on the road--you could talk to him but nothing else-unattackable. About 30 seconds later he had a dialog, when you clicked, you could ask him to attack. I clicked it and he ran towards the enemy keep.

We were on the last boss. He helped with the last boss and stayed alive but I didn't get a complete mark on that portion of the event.

Has anyone completed this? What was I supposed to do? Can't find this info in the usual spots.
You got to Fozruk when he was already defeated. He's a hostile rare that turns friendly when you beat him, then you can direct a lane for him to attack. For achievement credit, you need to participate in attacking him before he turns green.
thank you! Now it makes sense.

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