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I hate this. So you're telling me, that I'm paying full price for a filler, just so I can spend the same amount for the ACTUAL expansion to come out!? What kind of logic is that?

I expect every expansion to be better than the last. And don't say that it's impossible because Blizzard isn't an indie company anymore. They have the people and resources for it. Instead of having 2 teams work on expansions, make it into one, so there's less room for bugs, more features, polished gameplay, etc. And also remove this 2 year deadline bullcrap that Activision loves to put in all their product. It just adds unnecessary headache and gives more room to fix whatever problems the game has before release.
I don't think this is filler, I think they're insulting our intelligence with a planned gamble to try and make the expansion seem like something it's not (Horde v. Alliance), while secretly planning to have this be an Old Gods reveal somewhere down the life cycle of BFA. Changing the context from battling for supremacy to battling over Azeroth itself.
There arent 2 WoW teams. You got meme-baited. Im having fun, sucks you arent.
Technically, Legion was a filler cause it didnt take place on azeroth. It was like the Dragonball GT of WoW.

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