[H] <Brooklyns Finest> - LFM Casual Raiders

Gundrak and Jubei'Thos
Hello everyone,

<Brooklyns Finest> is a collection of old school (and now older) players, who have done it all almost a decade ago. We're washed up, and have real life commitments so the game is secondary to us.

However, we are good players - we just can't spend hours upon hours pushing high end progression. I'm confident with our base team we can clear mostly everything. We have experience from Heroic WotLK raiders, to gladiator rated PvPers

We will be raiding 2 nights a week, Wednesday (7-10 AEST) and Sunday (7-10 AEST). There are no penalties for missing a raid, and a no questions asked when unable to make it.

What we're looking for

We're looking for mature players (mid 20s +) who are looking to take a more laid back approach to raiding. We're also happy to take on some new blood and teach them the ropes.

Essentially, if you're a warm body who can rock up, and is happy taking a casual approach to the content, we'd love to have you. If you're willing to learn, we'd love to have you even more so!

I want to stress, that this is not a hardcore guild. We will not be racing or spending countless hours throwing ourselves at a boss. We have set raid times, and that's it. We all have real life commitments which take precedence, and are understanding to others in a similar boat.

We have some requirements to be raid ready, but they're not set in stone.

Specifically though...
  • Monk DPS
  • Demon Hunter DPS
  • Tank/DPS willing to be a back up tank
  • Healer/DPS willing to be a back up healer
  • Anyone else

If you think you'll be a good fit, add me on Bnet: getstuffed#1314 and we can kick off the chats from there. Alternatively, reply to this thread with your preferred Class/Spec/Role.


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