337 Destro Lock LF guild in Windrunner

Darrowmere and Windrunner
337 destro lock lF Alliance guild in Windrunner/darrowmere

I'm looking for an raiding/ mythic dungeon guild, not so hardcore and not so casual, meaning I want a guild that work hard to progress but don't go off on people when something goes wrong. and I want a guild with active people that are willing to do things, people that respond to questions and invites in guild chat. i want a guild that when i ask "anyone want to do this dungeon?" i get more people wanting to go than i can take with me!
I want a guild with good raid leaders, people that if they have to explain anything about a certain fight they do it concisely within 2 min and not waste 10-15 min before every boss explaining the same fight to the same people every week!
the guild must be in windrunner or darrowmere.

about me:
I have been playing WoW since vanilla, I've raided since vanilla, I kinda stopped raiding at the end of cata until the end of legion because life.. but now i want to get back to it.
I have at least one of every class, at the end of legion I had 16 toons at max level (alliances and hordes), but my toons in Windrunner are my main and the only ones i raid with.
I am self-reliance, I bring my own food, flasks, and potions. I pay for my own repairs, the only time i use guild repairs is because I moved my mouse and clicked on the wrong button! in vanilla and BC, I used to spend time prior to raid collecting soulshards to provide healthstone to everyone in raid. and since BC, I'm usually the person that always provides the Feasts to the raid.
I'm friendly, but occasionally i get annoyed by pugs and call them "Dumb@$$", so the guild have to be ok with me doing that!

I've played my lock as destro since Vanilla, there were times when i switch to demonology or affliction to deal with certain bosses, but I mainly play my lock as Destro now.

and guild name matter, if it have a weird name, you must explain the reason behind the name :-)
(the guild i'm in right now is my personal guild)

if you need to contact me to ask me anything my B-tag: CrazyRD#1115
Hey Crazyrd, it sounds like you might fit into our crew. PM Myrla or myself in game, or you can hit us up on Discord at https://discord.gg/mz9XuD4. I'll try and send you a friend request in game to connect too.

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