Have anyone tried fistweaving in Uldir?

Have anyone tried fistweaving in Uldir?

I just started being a monk in 2018. Just wanna check if anyone done it before and how was it.
Any tips would be much appreciated
I used it on our first Mythrax kill last week: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9Bkf6MLQavz1PHjA#fight=9&type=healing

It was kinda fun but also clunky. In a raid setting where just raid healing is needed and the rest of the healers can take care of larger heals this is fine. It adds some dps which can allow for the encounter to end quicker.

After running heroic this week I'm probably sticking with upwelling and using either lifecycles or spirit of the crane. I just need to practice more with fist/kick weaving. Disc priests honestly fill the role of dps to heal better than we do.
It's more fun than it is effective.

But it's really fun.

Just run heroics with upwelling and play around with maximising its effect.
Tried to, I don't advise if the raid is already melee heavy.
The idea of fistweaving is pretty cool but hard to execute in mythic progression.
The main issue with the fistweaving build is that it focuses on talents that improve raid healing through refreshing HoTs with Rising Sun Kick (lvl 100 talent Rising Mist). Which means you pretty much have to use every global cooldown keeping HoTs up or DPSing. This means you have to be standing on the boss and avoiding the same mechanics melee DPS do while healing. It is fun, but not optimal for progression.
They should make RJW baseline ( or add it's effect onto Spinning Crane Kick ) and add another ability that has to do with fistweaving in it's place. They could also remove Chi Wave and do the same there.

Prob smooth out the fistweaving spec somewhat more with no impact to the other spec.

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