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replaced bad 360 boots with 380 bis stats.

not complaining.
I got a 350 offhand--- i have a 370 OH currently equipped.
Received a 375 Geti'ikku(Sword from Kings Rest) Been using a PvP weapon for a few weeks now.

Couldn't be happier.
385 boots, a nice upgrade.
I got some 360 ring only a 5ilvl upgrade. Rings and trinkets are probably the most boring upgrades to get in my opinion.
390 Titanforged gloves. Yeh, I was happy.
380 boots. horrible secondary stats. barely an upgrade over 355 that had a socket. sad.
Update i got a Mythic 6 warforged trinket on this character and a Mythic 7 Titanforged with socket belt on my mage.
09/18/2018 08:13 PMPosted by Drtotemz
390 Titanforged gloves. Yeh, I was happy.

How is your mythic 6 titanforged higher ilvl then my mages mythic 7 titanforged?

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