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Serious PVP Darkspear We are currently seeking all active and dedicated PVP players... we have been around for 6 years we have been up and down the ladder back and forth and still stuck it out to be here today... do you have that same attitude ? do you strive to succeed do you want to play with PVP heads and join a striving community ... we are 600 plus members strong and constantly up and down in population changing with the times.. we have had as many as 6 RBG teams running at once and as little as trying to fill one team at a time... WE ARE LOOKING For YOU! we want to build a long lasting friendship with lots of people and build a hell of a guild that makes people want to continue to play ally... Come help us grow and become part of a lasting guild that will stick around as long as you do! Thanks for your time and we are always here COME FIND US! @twitter seriouspvpwow and of course - F.B. us @SeriousPVP @discord .... thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the best for success and hope to see you in something raited!!!! Please spread the love DOTs and ALL them Hots!!!
1.)We are from THE USA and Canada from coast to coast 24 hours a day someone is one running something.
2.) We are Hardcore PVP although people have lives you must be on running sometime during the week.
3.) We are a Darkspear Guild But we will phase out to other servers if you are the right fit for a GM over there.
4.) we are an older community lots of people mid 20's and over with military backgrounds etc.
5.) we have discord and all the other perks.
6.) we have a Zero tolerance policy for DRAMA. Although things happen they should be settled amongst yourselves the guild does not have time to parent you!
7.) we are accepting everyone this isnt just a R1 guild we want to play with everyone some 2.5 players havnt reached 2.5 because they cant find people to play with! players here are from 1k - 2.7 k XP
8.) we run daily EVERYDAY so there will always be room for you somewhere and welcome anyone who wants to host events!
Hi there!

Your guild is exactly what i'm looking for, may i contact you IG for further information?

Thanks in advance
yes anytime

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