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Just did my first warfront

Started in a group of 20 I was like sweet 20 v 20 pvp with npcs and cool whatever I was stoked

But then

We killed some orc like right off the bat and then literally everyone ran in a different direction I was like ok cool so I followed some warlock he started killing those rat guys that said you no take candle from like goldshire mines or whatever then all the sudden we had the mine and something else?

Then he ran away so I was like ok whatever realised no horde are in the game and all I do is run back and forth gathering trees and rocks


AND THEN we stood at some gate while the npcs like killed each other half the group was afk then we killed 1 more orc and we won?

Sweet content? I guess?

Im convinced no one at blizzard actually plays WoW there's no way but I guess Wow is worth a subscription?
We told you they were boring, didn't we? We said you're not missing much, didn't we? We weren't lying to you.
320 item level requirement for that is a bad joke. That's like asking for item level 350 to do LFR.
Yeah they are pretty bad could do those with like 250 gear

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