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Like the title says, I'm looking for a social guild that casually does content like M+ and Raid (preferred but not required!), and is also RPer friendly. I started playing WoW when Legion came out but I like to think that I'm knowledgeable about the game and its lore. In between running M+ and other game content, I enjoy reading people's TRP profiles while I OOCly lamp their public RP.

Part of the fun in playing an MMO is being part of a community/guild/group, and I'm missing that part right now. Currently, I'm available 'most times' of the day with my peak hours being around after 9PM Server/Pacific. If your guild, or if you know of a guild that's friendly, laid back, have an active discord (and in-game guild chat), and has a spot for a super chill guy, please let me know!


Bnet - LiQuiEx#1209
Discord - LiQuiEx#9816
Hi Gadreon!

Our guild is small but full of big mouths! After a long break from the game we have decided to start recruiting again. We are looking for like minded people (Read people who love shenanigans). We have people who like a little bit of everything, RP, Dungeons, Guild Games, etc Whisper me in game. :)

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