shadow lf raid group

Guild Recruitment
Currently sitting at 350 equipped.

Exp 8/8 Normal, 2/8 Heroic.

Availability 9pm-3am EST, weekdays
Early morning weekends would be fine too

Willing to go horde

Extensive raiding history dating back to BC

If you’re looking for a dedicated reliable guildie and raider please contact me on battle net @ Reckless#1325
Looking for a fun yet driven guild? Sick of the same CCless, tunnel visioned, mechanic ignoring, water loving pugs? Want a group of competent people to run content in BFA with? Well, you've come to the right place.

We may be the most fun (and competitive) raiding guild on Argent Dawn/The Scryers you've ever joined.. but why take the chance? Hop in and see if you fit! Our team of fun-loving guild members is second to... probably very few; what I'm saying is, you could do worse. Check out Lost Syndicate of Argent Dawn-US today!

Our raid times (based on server time EST):
Tuesday 8pm - 11pm
Thursday 8pm - 11pm
Exceptional players who feel like they can complement our quality of raiding are encouraged to apply. Our guild is based on the ideal of helping each other excel at what we do to our fullest potential and thus helpful yet driven members are what we look for. We are currently actively recruiting ranged DPS (especially warlocks and hunters) and Demon Hunters for our progression raid team as well as others to fill in where needed.

What we are looking for in you as a raider:
You love raiding, want to achieve AotC at minimum every raid tier then pushing into mythic afterwards
You're an independent and communicative player (that means you actively prepare yourself for new encounters, know about their mechanics and ask when you don't).
Be a team, guild, and community focused individual (joining extends to more than just raiding, we want raiders who are members, not numbers)
Your English is good enough for clear communication.
Boomkins must use Boomchicken form. It is well known to be an increase in DPS.
How to join?
Message a member of management listed at the bottom of this post to inquire about the guild or an invitation. People looking to join as a raider are required to fill out an application which can be found on our discord.

If you need to contact us in game, please do so when we are not raiding. Whispers during raid times will most likely be ignored. You can contact us via:
In-game mail or chat

Private message on our guild's discord -

Battle Tags:
Guild Leader - AdventW0lf#1158
Raid Officer - zanados#1347 (the Z is not capitalized)
Officer - KittyGoRoar#1252
<Tainted Legacy> 8/8N 3/8 H LF Solid Ranged DPS (Pref Spriest) to fill our Heroic/Mythic team to further progress in Uldir. 345+.Our Raid Times Sat-Sun 7-11 pm EST. Pst for info. Casuals are always welcomed to hang out with us.

Contact me if you're interested TooReal#1591
<Formidable> <US Aerie Peak> We are a brand new guild started from a handful of raiders who wanted to push progression a little harder. We are taking our time to build a team of exceptional players that get along well and enjoy pushing higher content. Our goal is to get into heroic ASAP and push further into mythic once our team has been fully built. In addition to raid we like to push keys as high as we can each week which in turn means more gear for guildies.

We currently need one healer, preferably a pally or priest. We need one or two dps, preferably a monk, DK or priest. Other classes will definitely be considered.

We raid on Wednesday 5pm to 7pm and Sunday 5pm to 8pm.

We provide food, flask, pots, enchants, gems and repairs!

Feel free to contact Esmira with any questions you might have.

btag: bootyfordays#1172
discord: Esmira#0480
[US][H][Thunderhorn] <Optimal Baddies>
Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join Optimal Baddies and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you'll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs at once in no time! Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.

Jokes aside we are a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to be top guild on server in BFA on Thunderhorn.

Progression raid days
Tuesday & Wednesday - 8PM-10:30PM Server (CT)
9PM-11:30PM EST
Optional raid days
Friday & Saturday - 8PM-10:30PM Server (CT)
9PM-11:30PM EST
We ask that you maintain a 90% attendance if at all possible, we understand that real life happens but are also looking to progress rapidly.

For loot distribution we take into account tenure, performance, and attendance.



We are primarily recruiting all dps classes and in search of a H Pally or Holy/Disc Priest.

Please message myself (Abbadon#11928) or our GM (Goldfish#1198) on or hop in discord if interested.
I should add I am willing to swing heal.
Hey Asturd, we are looking for a few more dps to fill our roster and I think you would be a good fit.

Questionable Tactics- (H) 7/8, (N) 8/8
Recruiting Officers - smitty#1299 or mayalla#1221

US-Cenarius Alliance (Pacific Time Zone)

Wednesday/Thursday 6-9PM PST

Questionable Tactics is a heroic only raid guild. We have two raid teams seeking to accomplish the same end result, a quick and expedient clear of every heroic raid tier each expansion has to offer. Our weekday group (Wed/Thurs) is in need of DPS to fill out our roster. Currently there are no restrictions on what DPS type we are looking for. We are set on Tanks and Healers.

Questionable Tactics is a guild that has no prejudices against any race, sexual preference, or gender. We like killing raid bosses and having fun doing it. Being a heroic only guild, we are "casual try-hards" seeking to bring our best to every encounter without losing our sanity slaving away at raid content. We also enjoy clearing old raids and doing achievement runs after progression is done.

If you know your class in and out and have a positive attitude toward raiding and life in general, then this is the guild for you.
Maximum Effort (6/8H) is a raid and mythic+ guild on Cenarion circle. We have very strong leadership, origination and strong core of raiders! Our goal is to aim for server first achievements and push ourselves and the team as far we can. There is nothing more fun then breaking into a nerd rage when you and 19 friends finally kill a hard boss!

A little about the group...
A large portion of the group has been raiding together for multiple expansions, with me as the raid leader. We're a tight knit group of friends, always hanging out in discord, doing everything from pvp, mythic plus and world quests. We recently split off from the guild we were previously in to do our own thing.

A little about the server...
Cenarion circle is a low population server. But it is far from dead. The server has a very active group of people. Due to the smaller population everyone knows everyone, who is a trouble maker, who to avoid, who to ask for help and who is the trade chat troll. Its a very friendly and laid back server.

When do we raid?
-mon, tue and wednes are progreession nights
Raids are 10pm-12am est (7-9pm server)

What do we need?
-lock and shadow priest prefer
-all dps specs can trial

You do not need any mythic raiding experience to join us! We're happy to bring in new comers and who them the ropes. We have people with lots of mythic experience to help out.

Check out our guild website!
Please put in an application if you're interested

btag Hethrus#1504
if you have any important questions
Can pay X-fer for the right people.
We actually wouldn't mind having a SP, and we raid at the times you have listed! Tue/Thur/Mon from 8 - 11 EST. Prog wise we are 7/8H, 2/8M. Feel free to give me an add at Conzeula#1172.
Hey man I went ahead and sent you a friend request, I'd be happy to talk to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have for me!

09/25/2018 01:58 PMPosted by Xanthippie
<Dilligaf> is a semi-casual Horde guild on Mal'Ganis looking for more competent raiders who strive to be the best at their class for mythic progression to fill CORE SLOTS and run 15+ keystones(ran daily not just weekly). Lead by experienced raiders who provide the ins and outs of boss explanations, rotations, and tricks of the trade. Although we may not be a Hardcore guild, we do try to maintain a chill and productive environment by getting stuff done and making sure everyone knows what they are doing. However, we do like to have fun and mess around when things are going smoothly and encourage you to have a good sense of humor, especially for dark humor etc. Currently we are working on finishing off Heroic Uldir (7/8) and finding the best 20 man roster before we begin our Mythic progression

In the past expansion we were able to progress through 4/11 for Mythic raiding due to starting late and having issues with maintaining the minimum raiding core. Going into this expansion, we have ~25 members, new and old. Once we are ready for Mythic Raiding Progression, we will be choosing core spots based on your attendance during raid, performance with mechanics, and rankings on the meters/stats.

What is Expected of Our Raiders

Attendance is absolutely key to any successful raid team that being said we would like to see at least an 80% raid attendance to keep a core slot on our team. We expect a positive fun engaging attitude and understanding that not everyone one shots bosses. We expect people to do their homework per say and have knowledge on the boss encounters. We expect u to know your own bis list and min maxing of your toon.

Raid Days and Times

  • Tuesday: 7:00pm-10:00pm PST
  • Thursday: 7:00pm-10:00pm PST
  • Sunday: 7:00pm-10:00pm PST (Option/Future Alt Raid for Normal Uldir)

  • Classes and Spec Needs
  • All Classes Welcome (Range DPS Preferably)
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Specific Classes Needed:
  • Rogues
  • Monks
  • Warlocks
  • Mages
  • Hunters
  • Hope to hear from you real soon :)

    Contact List
  • GM- Xanthippie#1937
  • Co GM-Mavik#1903
  • Rude Boys is recruiting for Mon Wed team at 730-1030pm CST. We are in need of Warlocks. We also do M+ together, M Expeditions and some WQ. Our philosophy is you fit and stay or you don't and leave. Willing to cross server trial for this team.

    Rude Boys runs two progression teams.

    Sounds like we have what you are looking for :) check us out!

    Not to mention we are a solid teaching/raiding guild! One of a kind for adult players.
    <Witness Me Senpai> is a semi-hardcore heroic raiding guild on Drenden

    Our raid days/times are as follows:
    Tuesday, Thursday, Monday – 8:30 to 11 pm EST

    We are looking for people who:
    - Love raiding and pushing themselves to do better.?
    - Simultaneously competes and cooperates with the rest of the team as we tackle content.
    - Can maintain at least 80-90% attendance.?
    - Are laid back and mature.

    We are looking for skilled, dedicated raiders capable of learning and mastering content on a limited schedule.

    We expect individuals to be ready, willing, and attentive in raid when it comes to; knowing encounter mechanics, developing and deploying strategies, responding to criticism, and creating an enjoyable raiding environment for all.

    Expectations for Applicants:
    - Discord is a Must, as this is our primary means of communication.
    - We expect that you make the majority of raids and inform us on Discord or Via BattleNet when you CAN NOT make one, or may be late.
    - You should be very knowledgeable about your class and spec, and current progression fights planned for the raiding week
    - Your gear and experience are expected to be near the current level required for our progression.
    - Be able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism

    Since the guild’s creation in January 2016
    Hellfire Citadel – AoTC
    Emerald Nightmare – AoTC
    Trials of Valor – AoTC
    Nighthold – AoTC
    Tomb of Sargeras – AoTC
    Antorus, the Burning Throne – AoTC

    8:30pm-11:00pm EST T / TH / M

    Our Current Recruitment Needs:
    While recruitment is open for all classes, we are specifically interested in the following classes/roles.



    Druid - Boomkin
    Mage – Frost / Fire
    Hunter BM/MM
    Priests – Shadow
    Paladin - Retribution
    Shaman - Elemental
    Demon Hunter

    **All exceptional DPS and healers should feel free to reach out!

    *Food / Flasks / Enchants / Gems are provided by the guild.

    Officers to contact:

    Andruin (RL) at: Drellik#1301
    Jillseponie (GM) at: Jillseponie#1907
    <Memers and Dreamers>
    Region: US
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Mal"ganis

    Tues/Thurs Mythic Progression (5:30-8:30PST,8:30-11:30EST) CE Legion officer core,8/8H 1/8M Uldir, looking to push cutting edge every tier. We currently have a high need for ALL ranged classes and in need of a Holy priest. We also run an optional Monday raid at the same time where we will do the lower difficulty depending on where we are at in the raid tier. Always accepting other solid players for M+, Arena and bench/backup spots for raid.

    Current core positions open:
    Ele Shamans
    Holy priest

    If you are interested please reach out to me on Discord @Swedishfish #4488.
    Hi there,

    Retaliation raids on Tuesday and Wednesday Nights 8pm ET. We have an alt night of Sundays at 7pm ET. We use Discord for voice communication and go with a work hard play hard mentality. We are a heroic progression guild that has been raiding and PvPing in various games for over 10 years. We enjoy giving each other a hard time while still being successful. We play on the Earthen Ring Server as Alliance.

    More details -

    Please if interested reach out to Isego#1586
    We raid tue/wed for main nights our alt group thursday 8:30-10:30 PM CST(server) we are semi casual guild with mythic goals in mind. If you Want to know more or want an invite add your down below. feel free to ask any questions you want. We are 8/8 N Uldir 5/8H Uldir
    What we need for our main group is mostly ranged dps and one DK tank that can Dps role too. We are looking to recruit the following dps.
    Shaman dps(any)=Medium
    Demon Hunter= Medium
    My Bnet is chrism#1202 & our Discord is


    Wow progress

    Raider IO

    world of Warcraft direct link
    Hi Asturd, we're looking to add a few more DPS to our team. We've been around for 5+ years, and above all else we're looking to have fun. We're promising AoTC every tier, but on a lighter/relaxed schedule. We still want competitive players, but those who maybe don't have time to donate 30 hours a week to WoW anymore. Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. Add me, lets talk!

    Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out this post. TAINTEDGUARDIANS, has been around for 5+ years and we're looking to solidify our raiding roster for Uldir progression!! 2/8 Heroic 7/8 Normal ATM!Beef#12743 is my B-Tag.

    We raid Friday, and Saturdays 7pm to 10pm CST. The main goal is to clear AoTC in a timely manner. IF we have 20 members who would like to do a little mythic we will, but that's not the primary goal.

    What the guild offers you.

  • Reliable raid days/times. The guild knows you make time out of your week to raid therefore it is our obligation to make sure we provide you with that.
  • AoTC every tier with the possibility of doing a little more.
  • Mythic plus groups!
  • Flasks/food/gems/enchants etc all provided. We offer this to anyone who makes any sort of contribution to our guild bank.
  • Laid back atmosphere - the #1 thing we look for above all else in recruits is personality. Most of us are around 30, and we work full time so we're looking to enjoy our time on the game because that's what is most important. This is a game after all.
  • What we expect from our raiders.

  • Reliability - as was stated above the guild owes you 6 hrs/wk, and you're making the same commitment. Real life comes up, but it hurts the guild as a whole if you need to miss regularly.
  • Preperation/Class knowledge - We're not looking for world 1st recruits, but out of respect for everyone else you're playing with you should have the basics down. Know what your main stats are, have a generally idea about fights going in, etc. Nothing crazy, but it's more of a courtesy to everyone else.
  • The ability to not get easily offended - This is a broad one. Our guild has a lot of fun during our raids. We crack jokes quite a bit, and we're not a pg13 guild. If you know you're easily offended you should probably look elsewhere. To go along with this, constructive criticism is big as well. We'll never yell/attack anyone, BUT if you're standing in fire we will mention it. Nothing personal just the way you get better/progress.
  • Current Recruitment Needs!!

  • Ranged DPS - HIGH Priority
  • Melee DPS - MEDIUM Priority
  • Tank - FULL
  • Heals - FULL
  • Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. I encourage anyone even with a small interest to get a hold of me. I'm not really much of writer, and I would much prefer to actually talk in voice chat. I really do look forward to hearing from you all, and thanks again for taking the time to check us out!
    [US][H][Dalaran]<Immersion> 7/8N and 3/8H is a Heroic PVE guild founded by two friends with Mythic raiding experience. Our goal is to clear through Normal and Heroic tier content. We are currently recruiting for BFA.

    High Priority
    DPS with healer offspec
    Ranged DPS

    Tuesday/Thursday 9P-12A EST(server time)

    Trial Process
    If you are interested in being a core raider, it is a two week trial process. The trial process will be based off attendance, performance, and how you fit with the guild. At the end of the two week's the GM and officers will vote and let you know.

    Required Addons
    DBM or BigWigs

    Discord. Have a working headset and mic.

    Halfryce#1267 [GM, Founder]
    JLamerton#1402 [CO GM, Founder]
    Do you ever off heal? If so, it looks like you may be a good fit for Gratz!

    See our info below. Feel free to chat me (Aimee#1121 bnet / Aimee#0573 Discord) if you have any questions.

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