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How many players would support a full rollback of everything from 8.0 onward? Blizzard could just remove all BfA content and leave the game as it was in 7.3.5 for another two years or more while they get 9.0 just right? How many of you would be thrilled to get rid of everything that has been introduced up to and including allied races?
That's not a very modest proposal.

Also, no thanks. Riding this crazy train all the way, baby!
Why stop at 7.3.5? Changes have been net negatives since 6.0.
7.3.5 was not a good patch.

See leveling XP nerf.
09/11/2018 03:40 AMPosted by Reesespieces
Why stop at 7.3.5? Changes have been net negatives since 6.0.
Good point. Let's roll everyone and everything back to the WoD launch which was universally agreed to be the high point of WoW.

I would not support this proposal.

If you don’t like the new content go back and level lock to 110 in Legion.

Classes and game play could use a little love though.
It shouldn't be allowed to use the term "modest proposal" without a Jonathan Swift reference.
I came here for the cannibalism... I leave disappointed.
I want my mage artifact back ;-; I miss Legion.

I miss IP not being on the GCD.

Can we just roll back to 3.3.5?
Damn. I went into this thread fully expecting it to be a discussion about eating gnome babies. I'm legit disappointed...
These threads are so disappointing. No one ever posts a recipe for baby back ribs, for example.
You want another 2 bloody years of Antorus instead of having brand new content which, granted may not be as good as Legion's, is still refreshingly new and not the same thing over and over ad nauseum? Not to mention whatever Blizzard has planned for us for 8.1 and onwards? I guarantee you it at least won't be another SELFIE cam patch.

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