If you from the future gave you urgent advice..

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.. about your current situation, without being able to explain why, would you listen to it?

If you were minding your own business going about your daily routine and suddenly a letter appeared saying "You need to dump your significant other and quit your job IMMEDIATELY." and you knew it was from you from the future.

What would you do.
I'd say "prove it, what are next weeks lottery numbers?"
Well, philosophy gives us a few options.

One is that if you meet the buddha, kill him.. because he's not the true buddha.

Another is that our fate is already predetermined.. if you do what the person from the future said - you might be preventing the future that led them to warn you, so you don't get the warning - and they have to appear.

Personally, I'd strike a deal with myself. I'd take their "future advice" but they need to give me a few stock tips in return.
09/11/2018 09:55 AMPosted by Ringo
I'd say "prove it, what are next weeks lottery numbers?"

Most letters don't talk back, so I doubt it would give you a response.
Don't waste your time with BFA
Throw it in the recycling can with rest of the junk mail.
If it was really from a future me, then i would heed the advice. Look at it this way self preservation is the number one thing humans have above everything. My future self is trying to avoid some catastrophic event that has befallen them. So best to listen to that.

Ofc you could be a schitzo in the future and killing yourself off. A psychopath otoh would never do that they value themselves over all others.
If I can be 100% sure that the letter is really me from the future, I'd do what it says.

Also....that note would definitely have lottery numbers or a few major sporting events I could bet on or something. If it doesn't have those, I know it's not real, because no way I'd send my past self a note without that stuff on it.
If time travel movies are any indication, no I wouldn't. And I would hope the future me wouldn't be stupid enough to attempt altering history.

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