Underground [A] Darkspear - Raid(H/M)/M+/PVP

<Underground> is a core group of solid WOW players that have been raiding together in some cases for 15 years. As a group, we will always try and have fun in any situation and are taking a break from the serious side of raiding with BFA. However, this does not mean we are not trying to accomplish big things with our 2-night casual raid setup. Due to the nature of our previous raid accomplishments, we have always expected the highest quality of play from all of our members.

Battletag: Havitz#1977

We're looking to recruit for Heroic/Mythic progression, we were hoping to keep our group small, but we are not able to fill raids with old friends leaving.

We have had some issues filling raids to this point and are looking to pick up top healers/DPS, potentially an off-tank.

Our raid nights are Monday & Tuesday 8 PM Eastern - 11 PM Eastern (Sharp), we run Mythic+ on off nights and even raid for our alts.

We ask that all raiders bring pots, flasks, food, and knowledge of the fights. We are only looking for people who will play well and want to exceed in raiding and Mythic +. We do have a core group of PVP'ers in the guild that raids as well if you are looking for some consistent success there.

So, if you're interested in a casual 6 hour raid week with the intention of killing bosses and having fun, message me, and we can see if it's a good fit.
A lot of interest and picked up a few, still looking for a few more players and where are the flame posters to give me free bumps, really miss you guys.


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