How's your WoW social situation, and does it affect your desire to stay subbed?

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I have a few old WoW friends (I've known a couple of them for literally a decade through this game) I run with and it's fun. Nothing cutting edge like Heroic/Mythic, but these days I'm happy playing any sort of content with people I know.
09/19/2018 05:18 PMPosted by Kobe
The main reason I don't sympathize with a lot of players gripes about the struggles of gearing and getting into groups is b/c these are issues I don't deal with. Having a guild and friends to do content with reliably makes the game 100x more enjoyable for me. If I had to look for pugs every time I wanted to pvp or pve, I would've quit this game ages ago, it is far too stressful to pug imo.

You don't play WoW to be social, no one is social anymore. You play to kill virtual monsters and feel good.
Depends on the mood I'm in, sometimes I go around goofing off, trying to have some good conversations (yes, they do happen) or I try to participate in events like the Pirate day one. Other times I just get on, do one dungeon or a couple World Quest then I'm off.

For the most part I like to talk to people, If I sense it wont end well then I wont. I remember having a conversation once in Stormwind where a few players and I were talking in general chat having riddles and jokes and other stuff I believe but cant remember. Like most Dungeons the people are not always bad, about 3/10 times do I actually find someone who would be considered "toxic".

I know from what a lot of people say is that pugs are the most toxic (at least from what I've read from the forums when I decide to risk reading them), but even though that is true in some cases, I have found more good encounters rather than bad ones.

I suppose it depends on each persons point of view, and/or experiences that determine whether or not they are going to have a good time, or a bad one.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the I'm still subbed because WoW is fun in my opinion and helps to kill time when I don't have anything else to do. I already knew the player base can be "difficult" at times, but for the most part its not been that bad, unless you stay on the forums long enough.
I wish I know how to talk people in my guild. I have a hard time. I just cant see myself talking to someone I cant look at. I know weird. But im used to social ques. Online there are none. so never sure on what or how to say something.

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