I've never avoided my computer as much as I am since BFA hit

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Seriously, the quality of this expansion is so lacking. So many bugs and issues, even ones specifically mentioned as being fixed in recent hotfix notes are reoccurring.

Chat channels not being visible until the defaults are restored, Hook Point Arena debacle(literally mentioned in one week's hotfixes as being disabled due to excessively long loading screens but was still popping and causing my comp to lose rating every time it put us into that arena). The mission table is literally having the EXACT issues it was having in Draenor AND Legion; when you apply certain troops types that COUNTER listed hazards it will DECREASE your mission success chance rather than increase it as it should.

These bugs alone wouldn't be enough to discourage me from playing but then blizz just cannot seem to get a handle on pvp balance. I've never witnessed a period characterized by such large and sweeping balance changes POST release. You guys are having to buff and nerf abilities by whole HUNDREDS of percentage values. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for balancing but some of this should've been caught on the PTR. I've logged onto wowhead to view hotfixes every week since this arena season started and nearly every week there has been nerfs to Arms warriors and Disc priest. Every iteration of hotfixes has seen my Arms warrior nerfed more and more.

This is mentioning nothing of the REQUIREMENT to do rep grind on top of the requirement to do a certain emissary in particular just to be able to advance your characters item level. It's utterly ridiculous that if you haven't done EVERY single Champs of Azeroth emissary then you are falling behind in the ITEM LEVEL department of all things. Its world quests. How important did you want them to be?

It's making for a particularly rough and frustrating release for a game which has historically been my primary past-time for the last ten years. I can honestly say I've enjoyed every release up till this one. This one just feels COMPLETELY different and not in a good way.

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