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So, I've been noticing a pattern in pets that drop for me and others in Expeditions.

There seems to be specific triggers that cause pets to have a chance to drop. It doesn't seem to be tied to specific rares, (like kill *named* rare to get chance for *specific* pet, but rather generalized rares, like kill *mantid* rare to get kunchong pet)

However, it does not have to be YOUR team that kills a rare. In one expedition, I saw the zone-wide yell when the treasure chest that spawns the Pandarian elementals happen, meaning the Horde spawned them and killed them, and I got one of the Pandarian Elementals at the end of the expedition.

This also fits the "common" expedition pets on the auction house as well. Every island has a worm rare (at least every one I've visited in 100+), and they are by far the most common expedition pet on the AH. Pirates are the next most common rares to occur on the islands, and the pets I *assume* are triggered from pirate rares, (Scuttle, Poro, etc.) are the next most common on the AH.

So, I think it's up to us, as a community, to figure out what rares, trigger each pet to be entered into the lootpool at the end of the expedition.

There's a few that seem obvious:

Worm Rare - Bloodstone Tunneler
Mantid Rare - Kunchong Pet
Pandaria Elemental Rare - Pandaria Elemental Pet
Sprite Rare - Thistlebrush Bud

Then there's reports that pets like the False Knucklebump are triggered by simply killing a bunch of regular Gorillas.

But there's a clear correlation between rares being killed and what pets are dropping, even if it's not your team that's killing the rare. I think it's up to us to figure out what that is.
I'm also starting to believe that Island Expedition rare spawn/mob kills are related to the pet that you receive (IF you get a pet, that is).

I have no clear evidence of any of this, so this is all speculation.

Mob type corresponds to pet type, and in some cases I think the Island type also plays a role (snowy island vs. tropical island may yield different pandaren elemental spirits, for example).

  • Barnaby - hozen rares (or pirates? ghosts?)
  • Bloodstone Tunneler - worm rares
  • Captain Nibs - hozen rares (or pirates? ghosts?)
  • Coldlight Surfrunner - murloc rares (I've found this rare shows up the least)
  • Craghoof Kid - goat rares
  • Deathsting Scorpid - scorpion rares
  • False Knucklebump - gorilla rares
  • Giggling Flame - pandaren elemental spirit rares (normally found in "Rotting Wooden Chest)
  • Inky - ?? (pirates?)
  • Juvenile Brineshell - crawdad rares (similar to murlocs, this one doesn't show up often)
  • Kindleweb Spiderling - molten spiders (not to be confused with the more tarantula-like spiders)
  • Kunchong Hatchling - mantid rares
  • Laughing Stoneskin - pandaren elemental spirit rares (normally found in "Rotting Wooden Chest)
  • Littlehoof - stag/doe rares
  • Mischievous Zephyr - pandaren elemental spirit rares (normally found in "Rotting Wooden Chest)
  • Muskflank Calfling - yak rares
  • Octopode Fry - ?? (pirates?)
  • Playful Frostkin - pandaren elemental spirit rares (normally found in "Rotting Wooden Chest)
  • Poro - ?? (pirates?)
  • Sandshell Chitterer - ??
  • Scuttle - ?? (pirates?)
  • Snapper - turtle rares
  • Snort - yak rares
  • Sparkleshell Sandcrawler - crab rares
  • Sunscale Hatchling - windserpent rares
  • Thistlebrush Bud - forest sprite rares
  • Tinder Pup - hellhound rares
  • Voru'kar Leecher - ??

This Wowpedia list of Island Expedition mobs and which islands they show up on might be helpful:

Does it matter if you win or lose the expedition?

Does pvp vs pve matter?
09/24/2018 04:18 AMPosted by Tinkerizmo
Does it matter if you win or lose the expedition?

Does pvp vs pve matter?

Again, no proof of this, but I think winning/losing doesn't have much impact OR only has a small impact on whether or not you receive a reward.

I've heard players receiving IE rewards for winning AND losing. If anything, I imagine losing lessens the likelihood for a reward, but doesn't mean you will have zero chance.

As for PVP or PVE...no idea. Whether or not the difficulty matters is tough to tell.
If triggers are tied to events then they need to make them spawn faster.

On heroic by the time the events happen we've already almost finished the run.

IE Pirates spawn when we're at 7900-8500
I just had Poro drop in Whispering reef with no pirate event.
I wish I knew the trigger I have won over 100 of these and have received 2 pets total. I bought the others I have off the ah.
09/25/2018 04:51 AMPosted by Zunde
I just had Poro drop in Whispering reef with no pirate event.

Some pirates spawn at the start of the island, it's possible the Horde killed them. They're rare, but it does happen.

I just wish there was an easier way to track what was being killed in every island by both teams so we could find a better way to track the triggers. :/

09/24/2018 04:18 AMPosted by Tinkerizmo
Does it matter if you win or lose the expedition?

Does pvp vs pve matter?

Zunde said he got 2 pets from one loss, so I don't think winning or losing matters.

No idea about pvp vs pve.
Give me about two hours and i'll tally up everything i got going from 110 to 120 on a rogue doing nothing but island expeditions.
Only quests done were the Introduction to get the amulet.

110 to 120 Nothing but islands. in the end i got

15 Various green mog items
3 Blue "Plundered" mog items

The following pets

Bloodstone tunneler
Juvenile Brineshell
Kuchong hatchling
Captain nibs

The last 2 came after the islands cycled Kuchong came from i believe a random mantid pack i killed and Nibs was from the rotting mire which is pirates this time not Jinyu. No Hozen that i saw.

Oh and i did this all in a single sitting.

I'm very tired. Zunde out
This isn't concrete evidence, but just wanted to mention that I did an IE yesterday and spawned one of the Pandaren Elemental rares. The named rare was teal and brown, and the pet that I got after completing the IE looked exactly like it (Laughing Stoneskin). *shrug*
There is a very, very interesting thread about IE drops on Reddit that I was about to post here. But the long and short, is that you can target loot drops by killing rares. So yes, this thread is on the right track. And if you kill golems or click mines, you are shorting yourself. Here's the link for perusal:

This would imply that the best way to *farm* islands is have 1 person harass or kite the enemy team and the others kill rares.
So pretty much the only viable way to get rewards is to either play not to win in pugs or premade.

Perhaps worth doing premades with folks from this forum, trying to target specific mobs for rewards. Schedule is a little crazy but i would be down for this.
09/26/2018 03:05 AMPosted by Vhayle

This would imply that the best way to *farm* islands is have 1 person harass or kite the enemy team and the others kill rares.

Thought the same thing.
Am willing to group up to figure if it works. Already am on the warcraftpet community and yeah. Let’s see if we can get groups going.
So just did a heroic expedition, killed a lot of those ghostly humanoid mobs and got Captain Nibs. Believing more and more with evidence in this thread.
Received Muskflank Calfling yesterday - I did NOT kill any yak rares. Normal and elite yaks were present on the Island though, and I did kill some of those. It's possible the other team killed a yak rare, or elite/normal mobs might also put the corresponding pet on the possible loot table.
Did 25 expeditions today, only killed rares.

No pet drops myself. Party members got the pandaria elementals. (We killed those rares in most of the islands)

So it seems to be what reddit believes, it's not tied entirely to rares. They believe the rares multiply the chance of the drop, but the actual trash you kill is what influences what can drop. There are probably exceptions to this, like the Pandaria elementals, for things that have limited spawns.

That said, there might be specific rares that can greatly influence specific things. Someone pointed out there's a rare named Qinsho, and one of the mounts is called Qinsho's steed or something. And there's a rare named Second Mate Barnaby or something, and one of the pets is named Barnaby.
Here's another sample from a rare hunter with their experience. They say they did get 24 pets following their strat. Tonight is my raid night but I would love to try some of this with IEs.

I'd be interested to see what a player may get if the team finished the map with 0 resources gain.

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