Class Depth

Anyone else feel like class depth is lacking? This is not a viability issue, having nothing to do with nerfs/buffs.

I'll give you an example. Mistweavers used to have Chi as a secondary resource alongside Mana. You had to manage your Chi intuitively, rotating between Chi-generating abilities: Expel Harm, ReM, Chi Brew, CJL (if fistweaving in Spirited Crane Stance), and Surging Mist (which used to grant Chi). Healing output correlated with effective Chi management because it required effort to have, for example, 3 EMs running at one time. The healing output difference was noticeable, especially in RBGs.

Thus, it also lead to more rewarding gameplay. If I was able to get EM up before eating the inevitable Deep Sheep > Poly, plus cover it with trash buffs against Spellsteal/Purge, it was super rewarding. EM ticked for a lot back then. Also, in that scenario, it felt good to store 1 Chi before eating Poly, to later instantly Chi Brew once poly broke, casting EM to pick up slack.

This is just one example. I'm sure there are other instances; for example, tracking Tigereye Brew for WW, the old Blood Tap (available to all specs, not just Blood as it is now), managing Seals + Judgement as Ret /w Empowered Seals, Chakra for Hpriests etc.,

tl;dr - Class depth is lacking. Damage and healing requires less effort than it did before, leading to unrewarding gameplay. It would be less of an issue if people did not know any better, however we do, which leaves a lot to be desired, thanks to pruning.
Gameplay feels very flat and bland. I personally am having a very hard time even just bothering to play.
Sorry, but mana tea something something PvE something all classes have to be the same for PvE for some reason.
when you speak of wow and play the wow its two different wow... not the same old wow that we once knew... its just a different game completely..
09/12/2018 05:26 AMPosted by Nayokox
thanks to pruning.

I wish we could go back, but I don't have faith that they'll ever undo the damage they've done with pruning.
Remember death knights use to have difference presence stances? and runes were different on top of managing runic?

Remember ferals could only shred when behind a target?

Remember warriors had stances?

Remember druids could powershift?

Remember there use to be more ways to win arenas than just who does more damage? Mana burn and viper sting were a thing.

They dumbed the game down so much to cater to casuals.
That's why I'm waiting on classic. Objectively better balance (each class having the means to kill another save some outliers like War vs Priest/Mage and Shaman vs Warlock) and full class toolkits. Couple that with how fun premade vs premade BGs are (especially with engineering and consumables like swiftness and free action potions adding more depth and counterplay options) and there's going to be little to keep me playing live.
I love reading this thread every expac, and then people looking back 2 expacs with fond memories.
No doubt about it. Even classes with "depth" in BfA feel lacking.
Who needs depth when you have very unique and interesting azerite traits??

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