Stuff N Things hosting full clear open raids!

Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel

Hello everyone! Since transferring we have enjoyed the realm(s) a great deal and wanted to reach out to everyone! While we are still currently recruiting for our raid team (which you can find in a previous post) I've noticed that there isn't much community action going on right now. With this in mind I've decided to host <Stuff N Things> open raid nights! This will correspond with how we run our raids including leadership, schedule, etc. You do not have to be wanting to join the guild to enter, but this is mainly to promote our guild for potential people wanting to join while also getting some players on this realm some gear! Other raiders of other guilds are more than encouraged to come as well!

Current guild progression 8/8H with repeat kills the first week. *Note this is not a GDKP system, this is an open guild raid.

Schedule Info

Every Friday/Saturday 9:30pm-2:00amEST which includes 2 10-15min breaks.
As previously stated <Stuff N Things> leadership runs the raid. Check your epeen/ego at the door. Friday consists of a Normal full clear. Saturday consists of a Heroic full clear. Participants must have the consumables necessary for the duration of the raid. Discord voice will be given before raid along with Mumble being used as a backup.

Raid Group Requirements

We will operate on a first come first served basis. While ilvl and neck lvl are important, it won't be the deciding factor on if you're a good player or not. Repeated failure to learn from mistakes will not be tolerated. General knowledge of the fights are recommended but not required. We will go over our strats and the fight before every boss. People who perform well and have awesome attitudes for Fridays run will be invited back for Saturday. If we get 30 people awesome, if we only have 10 then we will clear with 10.


If you are interested in running with fun people and getting loot then this is an awesome opportunity for you! I encourage everyone to read our recruitment post as a general baseline to understand how we as a guild operate along with knowing more about us at Please add me on btag at Kenkinz#1563 and/or post here with any questions along with confirmation of coming before Friday so we can prepare everything in advance!
This post is subject to change pending edits and revisions in the future!

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