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09/13/2018 10:08 AMPosted by Uristä
They should make items trade-able regardless of ilvl if it's to a guild member.

If they were to do that then one of the big reasons they removed master loot would be nullified. That being split raiding. Guilds would start piling 25 alts + 5 mains, clearing content and funneling the drops to the mains all over again.
Buddy had an offhand drop in that haunted house mythic that was an upgrade for me. Couldn't trade it to me because it was a higher level than his staff. RAGE.
Personal loot sounds good unless you are one of the unfortunate souls who is extremely unlucky with RNG and watches everyone else get that 5-6 rings and you walk away with only gold, raid after raid. They really should have some kind of 'bad luck' thing in place as they did with the legendaries, because some people really do have the worst luck.
09/13/2018 06:07 AMPosted by Wickedsfoe
Raid personal loot, How's it going so far?

It's been an absolute exercise in frustration redistributing loot. And not even agreeing to get people to do it that was the easy part. The actual logistics of getting it done has been an absolute nightmare.
3 heroic drops (1 was Azerite chest) from raid
Mythic 7 TF weapon in cache
BiS heroic helm from weekly quest

Very good week for me and I’m going to do normal tonight.
09/13/2018 09:57 AMPosted by Ythisens
I'm old school so I personally still prefer Master Looter and Loot Council style handling of loot as I view loot as a tool and not a reward, and for the most part we're still able to do it. So long as the loot is trade-able that is. Which doesn't happen often but feels like a nice bonus when it does as we're able to make a decision on behalf of the team.

I get why we moved away from it and I feel like the Personal Loot system works well in dungeons but I think it'll be more interesting once we see the end of a raid tier and we've had a full cycle underneath it. I'm curious to see if it feels like we came out better, equal, or worse when it comes to overall gearing.

So far at the beginning it feels pretty equal at least from my experience, yours obviously could be very different. For our Heroic MOTHER kill this week she dropped like 5 or 6 Rot-Scour Rings that all were upgrades for us, and a situation like that feels really good on Personal Loot. If it was Master Loot we could've potentially gotten say 3 Mother's Twin Gaze's and only used maybe one of them, if not they'd all go to offspec on a second week of running the Raid. With Personal Loot that situation isn't a possibility, unless you're wanting it to be by people picking those specs that are eligible to receive that item.

Personal loot is a travesty, please relay my feedback to your superiors.
Thanks You.
I got 4 bracer drops :)
Can someone explain to me how we get ridiculous loot drops like 370 bracers, while we already have 370 bracers? I know it's just crappy RNG, but surely a multi-million dollar corporation has the assets to code into the game and prevent such until you've got every slot up to 370.

Also, who doesn't love getting that same ring over and over when grinding dungeons/raids? I sure do :^)
Having done raids with personal loot in WoD and half of Legion, I'm just tired of it. It's not only that it sucks, it's completely defeating.
Untradable non-upgrades all over the place
I understand why Blizzard moved to personal loot for PuGs. I don't think I'll ever understand why they forced it on guild teams.

The entire point of being on a team is that things aren't "personal." Loot was earned by the team, by progressing and learning as a group. Even aside from all the other reasons (of which there are plenty - distributing loot for highest team benefit, players not being stuck with a higher ilvl piece even though it's mediocre for them, trial periods, rewarding attendance...) it just kind of felt more communal to have loot drop for the group and all roll on it together.

I know that's a small thing, but it just bums me out how the game is getting more and more focused on the individual, solo experience to the point that even guild raiding is changed to be more that way.
The only place I don't completely dislike personal loot in is possibly LFR? Maybe.
09/13/2018 10:47 AMPosted by Zynles
This lack of proper grammar usage is astounding from a CM. I find this very troubling from a forum community manager.

If you're going to be the Grammar Police, you should actually know the difference between grammar and punctuation.
Seen about 6 items be dusted rather than be able to be traded this week alone due to this garbage system. Can really see it set groups back, especially on low pop servers.
09/13/2018 04:57 PMPosted by Spaceduck
Seen about 6 items be dusted rather than be able to be traded this week alone due to this garbage system. Can really see it set groups back, especially on low pop servers.

Did 8/8N, 7/8H and 1/8M and already wasted several items.

The ring/trinket bug was very annoying as well. Be sure to equip your highest ilvl ring/trinket in both the sockets or you won't be able to trade.
In my perspective,
Benefits of personal loot.

1) Removal of ninja master looter

2) Removal of favouritism

3) Anyone who put in the effort and time to raid have a chance of a loot and upgrade.

4) Save time after each boss kill in loot distribution

5)Players are not gated by guild because of raid status
Personal loot is amazing, and I'm very happy that this change was made to the game.

Some of the issues I've seen with non-personal loot:

  • (Biggest issue imo) People hoarding DKP for that one coveted weapon/trinket. I've seen people pass on several small upgrades because they wanted to save up DKP to be the first person to get a new weapon/trinket. This was holding back progression, as a lot of the time these were the highest performing players and a small upgrade would fully benefit our overall raid performance. I'm aware of the ways to counteract this (decay, reset DKP at each tier, etc.) but none of them solve this problem completely.
  • Guilt over getting gear upgrades and peer pressure to give up loot. In guilds that used /random instead of DKP, people passed on upgrades to be nice and friendly to other people even though they were a high performer and would actually benefit the whole team by getting an upgrade.
  • "Loot Council" drama and politics leading to splits between guilds and guild leaders. Personally, I would never raid again in a guild that had a loot council.
  • Bad feelings between people when someone has to stop raiding because of unexpected life changes, even though they were given a lot of loot. Human decision making leads to a lot of emotion (most of it bad) surrounding loot.
  • Recruits that show up for 1 or 2 raids, get geared out by the loot council and then leave. The ability to concentrate loot in new raiders has a lot of downsides, because if those people leave right away (like for a higher ranked guild) it demotivates the core raiders.

Personal loot solves all of these issues and more.
Any guild that cares at all about progression is still using RCLootCouncil and handing out loot. There just a lot more being wasted.
8/8N 6/8H 1/8M and I have gotten 3 pieces of loot from raid. Also killed 5/8H twice now.
I really perferred the badge system for raids since no matter what you can earn somthing. Just me though.

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