whats the most class picked?

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Ret Paladin is the most op class ever made. Oh, let me have an immortal button, stun you while I take out the trash, come back heal myself up and kill you before the stun wears off.

Scrub class, you know. Paladins are so faceroll a monkey can win playing one. If you lose as a Ret you are bad.

They are probably the most played because of those reasons....
09/14/2018 08:57 PMPosted by Tarathia
09/14/2018 08:52 PMPosted by Gulkas
Joke's on you, I'm in an extremely committed relationship with my healing stream totem.

I don’t want to know where that totem has been.

Naughty Orc!

Please don't sully Totemily and I's relationship with your RP server filth.
09/14/2018 08:32 PMPosted by Gorrett
My real opinion is Druid.

My fake opinion is Bard

I wish we had Bard. I loved playing Bard in Rubies of Eventide. Your heals and support spells were all melodic notes and your attacks were these horrible discordian sounds so whenever you'd group people in the group would say "Bards heal only" so they wouldn't have to listen to the noise you made.

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