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I'm wanting to level 1 of each race to max lvl, would it be faster to lvl 1 at a time or work on each a few lvls at a time. What is your advice?
It will be faster to spread out your playing time due to rested xp. If you always log out in an inn you gain more rested xp than in the open world. This rested xp gives you 200% experience for killing mobs.

This does have a cap, I believe 1.5. levels. So if you play a character through some rested xp and then log out at an inn it will gain some more rested xp while you play another character with rested xp.

It will take much longer to see max level but you will have less time played once all characters are max level than you would if you leveled them all up one at a time
Depends how you look at it,

I personally just stick to leveling one Character at a time, as i just persist with it.

But i have a lot of guild members who hate the slightest thought of leveling from fresh, so when they do, they tend to split level, 5 on Toon 1, then switch to the next.

Also shakes it up with playing different classes on the reg.
When levelling multiple alts, I find that rested XP is key. Always log out in an inn or major city. Since the rested XP multiplier depends on your current level, always stop playing a character just *after* gaining a new level. Then just rotate when the rested XP has run out, or is just about to. I find that I can play each alt for 3 evenings before moving on. I recommend the addon Altoholic for keeping track of the rested status of all of my non-max alts, among other things.
I have been taking a somewhat mixed strategy; in that I like to focus on one character for roughly 60% of the time and work on my Alts during the remaining 40%. As others have mentioned, I did not realize just how useful parking alts in rested areas has been for my alts; especially if I don't get to one for a couple of days. The rested bonus plus the heirlooms bonus (if you have any) make a pretty big difference in my opininon.
I power level 1 at a time, that’s how this troll is almost cap

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