Semi-Casual Fri and Sat Raiding Guild LF more

Guild Recruitment
- Tilt Free Zone
- Alliance-Whisperwind-High Pop
- Semi Casual
- RAIDING DAYS ARE - Fri and Sat - 7 to 10 server
- Looking for Main Tanks, 2 or 3 healers and mixed DPS

Hello, Thank You for stopping by our post. As the title states, we are a Semi-Casual Raiding Guild. We were formed by a group of friends that could not find a home. So we decided to make our own with the intention to be fair, friendly, helpful and fun. With that in mind we are raiding and mythic + focused. Everyone is welcomed to join, Raiding and mythics are not required.

When it comes to raids, we want people to enjoy their time while in raids while pulling their own weight when it comes to killing bosses. We will not sit people right off, but rather work with them and see if we can help with their rotation, gearing or what ever the case might be. IF that does not help, then we might have to sit you until we get whatever is happening figured out. We will have 20 other people to worry about and we cannot have one or two people slowing the team down, it is not fair to everyone.

I could keep going but would rather chat in person, reach out to Livelife#11793 my B-Tag... Hope to hear from you soon, be safe and remember wow is only a game.
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