Have you ever received whispers complimenting/insulting your mog in game?

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In Legion I had most of the order hall kit equipped on my mage; with no transmog (i'm not a big transmog person). Someone in my dungeon group said my transmog was amazing! He then got offended that I hadn't told him I like his mog...
You know you've come up with a good transmog, when you start getting random whispers from people saying they love it. It is such a great feeling!
Nah. I'm not original enough.
I've had a few compliments, mainly for the RP Aspect.
if i have the undead slayer set from the prepatch wrath event i get a few compliments, but mainly its my blizzbear i get the most whispers about.
I was standing in front of Goldshire inn just now, and some random Human Male came up to me and said, "Thick mace you got there". I proceeded to pretending I was afk.
People dont typically go out of their way to insult transmog so no insults here
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If you are someone who is really into mogging and try to come up with very good mogs, you often hope people will notice your mog and think of it as amazing. Or then again maybe you really could care less. Either way coming up with good mogs can be lots of fun! My question now. Have you ever been playing and get a random whisper from someone either complimenting or insulting your mog? Lets hear about it!
yes on this character in the dungeon finder I e gotten a few people saying "cool mog" or "sick mog"
I usually get cool compliments such as sexy, brutal and awesome. However there are awkward ones such as lemme smash or nice rack, but I can take those as sexy compliments.
I get compliments on this paladin all the time, probably my favourite mog.
My Night Elf Mage gets complimented now and then for what I consider to be a simple tmog.
Had a dude compliment my red sword of courage on my paladin’s mog at the time. Can’t blame him, it’s a good sword.
Never in wow but sometimes in FF. Glamour is the true endgame there!
I got some back when I was using the HFC LFR leather and the shado-pan hat.

Haven't gotten any on my newer mogs, but I prefer them to the old mog so that's all that matters.
I've gotten several whisper complimenting me for different looks since the implementation of transmog. I've never gotten a negative one. It's kind of the basics of being in a social environment; don't just say negative things just to say them. It would be really rude just to whisper someone to insult them, I hope that hasn't happened to anyone.
I give complements from time to time if something stands out and occasionally get comments about a female Worgen player. We are a rare breed.
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I'm returning from wotlk. Just wondering where do you/people get transmog sets?

Also omg, you're priest mog IS absolutely beautiful lol

I put together most of mine using mogit. It's a great addon but you can farm old sets from dungeons, raids and even old pvp sets. Basically anything you've picked up of your armor type that is soulbound should be in your collection. This particular one were robes that my mage had the pattern for but it can also be found on the AH as it's a BoE. The shoulders and helm are Wrath tier gear and my staff is one of the artifact appearances from last expac.

Edit: I forgot to say thank you.

So first step, mogit

Thats probably better than what in currently doing which is ctrl vlicking every item in the leather section of the aH haha
Whisper? No, I will /say that I like the mog and may even state playful 'dislike' them due to jealousy of some awesome piece, such as the leather shoulder with anchors.
Yes, I guess the only CM set for Shamans is rare enough - cause I honestly get it a lot.
The tells ive gotten on this character make me cringe. And I cant repeat them here because of language. ...lets just say it gives me a perspective on what real women have to endure everyday and if some of these things were said to my daughters, id have to go all murdery

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