Looking to form a team for raiding

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Looking for some raiders to augment our small group of friends that are delving into the secrets of Uldir. Currently we are raiding on Sundays 10 AM Central time. So far we have been pugging and are up to Mythrax. We would like to get some stable team members that don't mind learning and discovering the end game together.

The atmosphere is very casual we do plan to progress into heroic raiding if possible. Our current roster consists of 4 main characters.

Paintrain - Prot/Ret Pally
Wokstarz - Windwalker
Squanched - Outlaw Rogue
Crysanyaa - Druid Resto/Boomkin

We are willing to fill out another teams rosters as well as long as the atmosphere and raid schedule are compatible.

Feel free to message me in Game or here if you are interested

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