Mission stuck for a week

Mobile Bug Report
Ticket Number: US64978236
On the BfA companion app I have had a mission stuck completed for a week on one of my characters.
I opened a ticket with support (had to use "Quests" subsection)
I was sent a response that said they are too busy to help with Quests and they actually gave me the wowhead.com url and said the ticket would be closed.

This is a mission that is stuck, in both mobile and when I go in game to the mission table on the boat.

I am unable to progress on War Campaign and unable to open flight paths because those require Companions that are locked in this mission.

I can't acquire new missions to complete because of this.

So my character is not only stuck unable to complete missions but stuck unable to progress in war campaign at all. While others in guild and game leave me in the dust.

Please unstick this mission or provide instructions on how I can do it myself.

Hello Yorek,

Thank you for you report! We have been able to reproduce this issue and have entered a bug in for it. We will update when we have more information.

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