What is your favorite transmog?

This is currently my favorite, reminds me of the footmen from WC3.
Going to be hard for Bliz to make something better than this for me.
I love this hood to death and most of my logs are made to accompany it
My favorite is a slight edit of the Mythic Antorus Warlock set as well as the Fel-Green varient of the Destro Hidden Apperance.

Unfortunately I can't use that mog ATM since the game won't allow me to transmog my artifact over a wand. I'm not happy about it, but there's nothing I can do about that ATM but complain.
I have tried to make this character look any different than this set and its not possible I like this set way way to much
For years I could never settle on a set. Best i could come up with was Five thunders set, w/o the skirt and helm. Now I have one that i am proud of and cant help but just stare at his awesomeness.

My blademaster shaman.

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