Legend (CE) 2-Day, 6 hrs

I never got around to making a post so here it is!

Weekday (Purple Parrots) Raid Times/Days: Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30pm-12:30am EST
Optional: Thursday 9:30pm EST

Weekend (Silver Snakes) Raid Times/Days: Saturday & Sunday 9pm-12am EST
Optional: Friday 10pm EST

We're a semi-hardcore 6 hour Mythic raid team comprised of skilled mains and geared, experienced alts of players who raid in other Mythic guilds.

We're looking for exceptional raiders until we hit a perfect roster then we'll only be recruiting on an as need basis. Spots are currently very competitive. The goal is to have two exceptional CE 6 hrs groups on realm with similar goals but different schedules so people have options.

Requirements: Currently we're only considering CE players and returning CE players from prior expansions.

You can get ahold of me here: Sieara#6473 on discord or Sieara#1968 on btag.
Overdue bump. =)
Weekday 6/8 M
Weekend 5/8 M
Blizzcon weekend inc!

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