[A] 352 ilvl Warlock

Logging in and finding you're one maybe 3 players online and playing by yourself gets a little old. I'm in the central time zone so I'm looking for a guild that raids during that time frame and it is pretty active

Raid Exp:
TOS 9/9 Heroic (AOTC), 4/9 Mythic
TOV 3/3 Heroic (AOTC),
ABT 11/11 Heroic (AOTC), 5/11 Mythic
Uldir 8/8N, 3/8 Heroic

The following is what I am looking for in a guild:

- Active guild - mythic\mythic+, Normal/Heroic Progression, and I am hoping for some mythic raid progression. I can't stress the word 'Active' enough
- Community - not just logging on for raids, but to do other stuff as well (goes back to the first point)

- 2-3 days of raiding 2-3 days 7:30 ish-11:45pm CST. I do work during the week.
- Available for trialing as long as you are alliance.
- I use discord for comms during raids and mythic+
- I have all the addons required for raiding and weak auras for dungeons, raids and mythic+
From Aftermath

Raid Schedule
Tues & Wednesday 8:30-11:30 pm est
Thursday Mythic +
Friday farm 8:30-11:30 pm est
Add me at juggernaut#1975 and I will be in touch about what The Uncanny Misfits can offer you as a member of our community.
[A] The Band is opening recruitment for ranged dps, in particular Locks and room for an Arms Warrior, but any rdps and players efficient at their class/spec are welcome. We are a semi-hardcore progression guild, looking to make a serious impression in BFA. We raid 8-11 EST, Tuesday and Thursday. We are 8/8 Normal Uldir and 3/8 Heroic Uldir. We will also be running 2-3 mythic + groups. We use discord often, we try to get everyone involved. If you want a friendly atmosphere, then this is a good group of people. Feel free to message me on bnet @ Slaw#11599 or in game at Cvrpse. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.
<Carnage Gaming> A guild based on having fun while playing. We are currently raiding Fri/Sat 8 EST - midnight and recruiting 8/8 N and 2/8 HM need 1 tank, heals and DPS .We also do mythic and M+ daily. for m+ and All are welcome
We are recruiting for our weekend raid group. Check out this thread.

Pensive is a really awesome casual guild with great people. My bnet ID is pattersj#1418. Hope to hear from you.

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