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A drop with a socket is often beter than the same drop that warforges by 5 item levels for most classes and specs. Would the team be willing to place a hidden flag on these items makeing them look as if they were 5 item levels higher than they actually are for trading purposes? It would be a fairly large quality of life change that would eliminate many cases of a lower item level peice of gear being actually better than something 5 item levels higher in the same slot.
A valid point.
An extra socket is quite a boost, totally different from +speed, +leech or indestructible.

Maybe display like "340 (+5)", so that it does not affect the overall ilevel itself hence no impact on other aspects of the game.
Speaking of sockets... It sure would be nice if JCs were able to create "add socket" items for a few gear slots that we could sell to others, with a profession perk of being able to add sockets to one of our own gear slots
an extra socket is like +80 dps in most cases, its totally insane

WF/TF is ruining everything.

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