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We aren't wrong and we aren't going to fix the issues at hand. Blizzard only has "a couple hundred developers" and even proofreading is beyond their job scope.
Doing seemingly anything at this point is beyond their scope. I mean everything feels rehashed, it's almost like this is a WoD expansion that they gave up on before it even launched.
Yup! was a bunch of "we'll look into it" style answers. it seems they're okay with the game being a steaming pile of orc poop. oh well! onto a new game! RIP WOW 2004-2018.
I really wish they would eat a slice of humble pie and admit that many of these features and systems just aren't of the quality that we have come to expect from Blizzard.
AMA TLDR: Everything that isn't fun is just undertuned don't worry we're taking care of it
TLDR for every post like this in regard to the AMA

"There is absolutely nothing he could say that would make me happy. I don't like this game anymore but I don't know how to step away from it."

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