Wildfire Infusion castsequence macros broken?

Alrighty so Ive been experiencing this for awhile but I am getting sick of it. Basically if you have the Wildfire Infusion level 100 talent, you cannot castsequence the ability. For example, if you have the following macro for say a burn phase...

/castsequence reset=1 Wildfire Bomb, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike

It casts the wildfire bomb but does not progress to the next ability. I know this because if you have a macro like..

/castsequence reset=1 Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike, Wildfire Bomb, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike

it will cast the first two raptor strikes.. then when it hits wildfire bomb.. it gets stuck. and until the macro resets it stays stuck on Wildfire bomb (whichever it is at the moment)

Is there a fix for this I dont know about? is this a known issue?
If you just want to spam raptor strike just use the other talent instead. Shouldnt be doing that with wildfire.
What I want.. is a button that throws the bomb then spams it a few times.. But regardless of the point.. the macro SHOULD work. It feels like it is bugged..
There's literally no need for a macro like this. It will wind up creating more problems than it solves...
The person wasn't asking if it was a good idea or not. They were asking if the macro was bugged. /sigh.

On-topic: Nope, it doesn't work. I've tried many iterations of doing it, to no avail.

Just like trying to /castsequence a pet ability, it just loops on the pet ability.
This is literally the bane of my existence. There is no reason this macro should not work, but there seems to be no work around. Grrr.
/castsequence reset=4 Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike, Wildfire Bomb, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike

when I make a cast sequence macro (which I don't recommend) I make my reset value one less then the number of casts I put in it.

So say if I want it to spam 5 actions reset=4

spams 6 actions reset=5

spam 7 actions reset=6

Edit: I recommend weaving in a Kill Command into a macro like this so you don't run out of focus.
Don't need cast sequence and not worth it. Issue is sometime it don't sequence if you spamming 1 button.

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