demon hunter 8.1 range spec hype!

Demon Hunter
demon hunter 8.1 range spec hype!
Wait what?
I'll take "things that definitely aren't happening" for 400, Alex.
I was talking about this the other day. I would like to see a ranged glaive thrower demonhunter. I would stay for that
I’ll never understand why people make fake stuff like fake movie posters or posts like this and push them off as official. What do you get out of this
They're not gunna add an entirely new spec in a freakin' content patch. That's the type of thing you only see in expansions. And frankly, it's a pretty unlikely thing even for an expansion. Ranged doesn't fit the DH concept, nor is it even slightly something that we need.
I think they should make a 3rd class as an anti spell caster. I mean we have a couple pvp traits that suit that style but there as weak as piss. And dh lore would suit a hybrid caster/melee class. Not a !@#$ing throw glaiver...i mean warrior jas throw weapon do you think they are going to make a ranged class based off one spell looooool
Id rather see a Fell Healer type myself
09/19/2018 07:41 PMPosted by Xaedys
Ranged doesn't fit the DH concept, nor is it even slightly something that we need.

Stop using this argument its completely untrue. Range fits it fine, hell in Wc3 Meta made you RANGED. Also with Rain from the Above, it shows a path that can be used to make a ranged toolkit around hurling bolts of fel or something. The game is saturated with melee as is, no reason not give another class the option ranged instead of melee.
When illidan went demon form in wc3, wasn’t it a range chaos attack? They got rid of warlocks demo form for a whole new spec . They should have demon hunters go demo and do some range damage . Would be sick as heck for a third spec
But even Illidan couldn't indefinitely maintain his demon form (example, his fight in BT), and Blizzard has already made it clear that the reason he has abilities we lack (like flying and permawings) is because he got those by consuming the Skull of Guldan. In fact, wowpedia specifically notes that the Skull is how he gained a ranged attack. And while he's taught us techniques, he can't "teach" us the Skull's powers.

Even y'all have acknowledged that ranged attacks only make sense if we're in meta form, which means such a spec would either need to be only sometimes ranged (ala Survival), or permanently in meta form, which is both unsupported by lore and would necessarily steal some of Havoc's thunder. And that was Blizzard's original rationale for only giving DH one DPS spec, that adding a second one would necessarily require the first one to be watered down.

The most common suggestions I see for a ranged DH spec are using Eye Beam and Meta as primary ranged "flavor" for the spec, and those abilities are already iconic staples of the Demonic subspec of Havoc (and would almost certainly be removed from Havoc to make room for whatever this ranged spec would be). I also see these threads most often accompanied with suggestions for the spec to use 2h glaives ala Wardens, who are both largely unrelated on a lore level (being based on Night Elf martial heritage) and would represent another new weapon type exclusive to DHs, something that already causes issue with the loot table.

Basically, while in theory such a spec could be made to be cool, I think it has too many costs and would require too much in development resources for any potential benefit of having that third spec. DHs already have 3 completely different playstyles available in our existing Havoc talent tree, all 3 of which are fairly well balanced against each other. So we're already ahead of most classes in terms of available DPS playstyles.

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