Best BM Hunter Pet

We can look here for all the pets, and pet abilities in the game

I want to compare the most commonly used pet, to the one I think is the best but nobody seems to use.

That is the Spirit Beast vs the Chimaera.

With a Spirit Beast you get
1.) Damage Reduction (Survival of the Fittest)
2.) More HP (Endurance Training)
3.) A dispel (Spirit Shock)
4.) A heal (spirit mend)
5.) If you get the spirit owl, a flying pet

WIth a Chimaera you get
1.) Leech for both you and your pet (Predator's Thirst)
2.) A bloodlust (Primal Rage)
3.) A slow (Frost Breath)
4.) a damage cleave ability (Froststorm Breath)
5.) They are all flying

First, Flying pets are always better than non-flying pets. Even more so if you pvp, do bgs and get the mogu temple map.

I've found the lifesteal of Ferocity to easily beat the increased life, damage reduction cooldown, and spirit mend heal - the lifesteal just seems to grant me way more suitability and healing. Plus for those "huntards" it's one less thing to manage.

The bloodlust ability is nice if you are lacking a mage or shammy in mythic+'s

The slow is good in pvp

But the main thing; Froststorm Breath. I've taken a look and it seems to be the only pet in the game with a damaging ability, at the very least the only one in the Ferocity tree and I am sure of that. I ALWAYS hear people say "your dps doesn't change depending on your pet", yet here is this pet, that nobody seems to be talking about, or using, that has this pretty amazing ability that straight up increases your damage. I'm not sure about this though, if it triggers the anchor tricket - probably not.

Why would one not want a pet that just does more damage than all the other pets? You can keep it up all the time as well, the pet just has so much focus and regens so fast, the ability barely even does anything to the pet's focus bar.

Don't get me wrong, the dispel is great and all, but the damage is even better imo. Currently, I'd recomend any BM hunter to try out the Chimaera - a very easy pet to get as well, just go to outland; thousand needles.
09/20/2018 11:16 PMPosted by Clamgar
Why would one not want a pet that just does more damage than all the other pets?

Because no pet does more damage than others. Pets are situational. Do you honestly think that if one single pet did more damage than all the rest, you wouldn't see every BM hunter in the game running around with that pet?
All pets now do the same damage.

From what I've seen so far...Clefthoofs and Corehounds are turning out to be the best pet classes to use so far.

It's interesting that Ferocity pets are currently better than Tenacity pets for BOTH tanking purposes and dps purposes.

I used to use turtles/beetles and spirit beasts....they've all been relegated to the stable.
I use spirit kitteh. I like the flat hp buff of tenacity plus a dr and the heal. Heal seems to save me here and theres been no situation where I can see leech save my butt but a good Dr pop and heal can be a lifesaver
Sooo much wrong info in the OP.

As others have said, all pets do the same damage.

Next up, you state that the lifesteal is better than the DR, spirit mend, AND a dispel. You do realize that lifesteal doesn't proc off pet damage right? Lifesteal is pretty much trash for BM, as it's only gaining from auto attacks, corbra shot, and chimera shot (or multi-shot in aoe). None of those is sustaining you. Spirit Mend is a ridiculously strong heal on a short cooldown. Having another defensive cooldown outside of turtle is also amazing. Then throwing in a dispel AND increased health is just the icing on the cake.

If you need lust in a dungeon, swap to a ferocity pet before the boss.

If there's a fight with a lot of target swapping across distances (or you speed running world content/old content), use cunning.

Otherwise, spirit beast should always be your go to pet.
Clefthoof. gives leech, has bonus heals received and bonus armor, with a DR CD at low health. best solo pet, as long as you don't need the heal from spirit mend.
Spore bat
I've been using one of the new dinosaurs (scalehide) and am in love with it. Leech, hero if needed, and it has a relatively short CD shield it uses when its hp drops. Better tanking pet than actual tanking pets. He never dies unless I overestimate myself. Plus, he's adorable :)
Bloodraged Pterrordax has become my all time best pet now even beating out the spirit beasts yes they are cunning but by themselves without animal companion they do good against anything.
"All pets now do the same damage."
"Because no pet does more damage than others. "

One pet has a damage ability that the others don't, huh, seems like that pet does more damage than the others.

Pet A and Pet B do the same baseline damage, but pet B has an extra damaging ability, who does more damage? Pet B.

The point is missed, it does do more damage - because it is the only pet with an ability other than the toggled 'basic' attack that does damage. No other pet has an ability like Froststorm Breath. Froststorm Breath is an activated ability that does damage, no other pet has this to my knowledge.


As for Dandelo, I never said your pet's damage lifesteals for you. That is why your pet has it's 15%, and you your 10%. I also didn't say lifesteal was better than the dispel, I'd ask you to quote me on that. I said it was better than the defenses of the other pet.

"I've found the lifesteal of Ferocity to easily beat the increased life, damage reduction cooldown, and spirit mend heal - the lifesteal just seems to grant me way more suitability and healing."

I don't see dispel there.

"Sooo much wrong info in the OP."
Yet you don't mention any of it.
You bring up pet damage, that I've already explained.
Then you disagree with my opinions, info is based on facts, not opinions. Its fine if you don't agree with me, but I posted no factually incorrect statements there.

"Do you honestly think that if one single pet did more damage than all the rest, you wouldn't see every BM hunter in the game running around with that pet?"

That was my question, why not? If I has to guess I'd say cause I image they find the activatable defenses and dispel to be more valuable than damage.
Clefthoof for single-three target tanking,
Core Hound for multiple target tanking
Spore Bat for M+/Raiding bloodlust
Spirit Beast for M+/Raiding
Silithid/Spirit Beast/Devalisaur for PvP depending on what you need.
Clefthoof - There's nothing better for PVE tanking, 20% more healing from leeching soundly trumps the Core Hound's Molten Hide tickle damage and leech contribution, and despite having a longer cooldown, Thick Hide is stronger than Obsidian Skin for the extremely rare circumstances when you actually need that beefy DR cooldown.

M+ Group that lacks Bloodlust
Bat/Nether Ray - These are the two Ferocity pets with a Dispel/Tranq. You should always have one of these two in your active rotation.

M+ Group that already has Bloodlust
Spirit Beast - Between the Dispel/Tranq, the 20% DR cooldown, the bonus health, and the beefy heal, this is our #1 group PVE pet for when we don't need to cover lust.

Spirit Beast - Same reasons as above.
Silithid - +30% passive movement speed. This is your selfish DPS pet.

Wild Card
Pterrordax/Feathermane - Slowfall.
Water Strider - Waterwalk.
Direhorn/Hydra/Riverbeast/Lizard - Tenacity pets with Mortal Wounds if your group lacks the debuff for Fetid Devourer.
Just tested it out on both target dummies and some Falcosaurs. When you use Froststorm Breath your pet doesn't attack or use any other abilities All the damage it is doing is from Froststorm Breath which is weaker than a basic attack.

Also, "Flying" pets do not truly fly. They still have to follow terrain and barriers like any pet on the ground. I tested in Sylvan Falls going from the shore to the westernmost island, both pets stopped briefly when they hit the water and the chimera was partially submerged. I also tested at the paddock where the orc is trying to tame a couple of bears at Trueshot Lodge. Both the Chimera and the Clefthoof took the long way around the fence (same with my Owl and Dragonhawk). A flying pet should just be able to fly over the fence, but it doesn't.
09/21/2018 04:34 PMPosted by Dac
Spore bat

you gotta post the video!
Silithid is a good option for flag based battlegrounds. With the slow it gives and with the 30% movement speed that is the exotic ability, the silithid sticks to the target like an obsessive ex boyfriend/girlfriend.
I use Spirit Beast, not only are they my favorite type, but it helps take some pressure off the healer, and I can use them to dispel effects off of mobs when needed.

Strange about the flying pets, but I've seen myself pets in the temple of the mogu fly up from the pit.

(edit - and when doing runs of nax for transmog, and you fight the boss Gothik the Harvester, if you have a flying pet and attack gothik whilst he is on his platform, the pet will fly up and try to attack him, although he is immune. So they do fly, a ground pet is unable to do that. )

Secondly you can use froststorm breath inbetween your pet's 'bites'. They do more than the auto attacks, at the very least when there are mobs to cleave.
Froststorm breath is an 8 second channel that does damage every 2 seconds (which does appear to be affected by haste, given my tool tip). For it to be better than auto attacking. the four ticks of damage it does across 8 seconds has to outweigh the auto attack loss during that time period. Additionally, the damage equation for Froststorm breath is affected by versatility, which is not something we stack.

The one benefit the channel might have is that Froststorm breath is AoE, so in cleave situations (or dummy testing where the dummies are too close) it might look strong enough, but at the same time, this is at the expense of auto attacks buffed by Beast Cleave.

The big problem comes from the 2 second damage tick, and the fact that the channel is not affected by Frenzy buffs. Beast Cleave at 3 stacks of Frenzy will almost certainly out perform 4 ticks of channeled damage, and what's worse, if you activate Froststorm while under the effects of 3 stacks of Frenzy, you're wasting your Frenzy.

Kill Command also interrupts the Froststrom channel. Cooldown of Kill Command is affected by haste, of course, but, for instance, mine is 6.7 seconds. At best, playing responsibly and never losing my KC cast, I would never get the last tick of damage off of Froststorm.

And as I'm sitting here right now testing it, Froststorm also appears to invoke some rather idiotic behavior in my pet where it comes back to where I'm standing before it starts casting. According to my Details, the ability is hitting normals for around 920, and 1900ish for crits.

By contrast, melee hits are 1100 norma and 2300 crit.

Any situations where there may be a benefit to Froststorm are outweighed by all of the complications it raises in timing your abilities, and the fact that it is just weaker.
09/21/2018 04:34 PMPosted by Dac
Spore bat
I try to keep different pets with me for different situations.

Water Strider - Only because I do not have a water walking mount...yet

Spirit Beast - Mostly because of Spirit Walk which saves a lot of potential headache from a buggy pet or bad pathing or doesn't jump with you and on the off chance you forgot to dismiss it first before jumping. Also, in the Temple of Sethraliss spirit beast "Spirit Mend" can be a help on the last encounter...especially if you crit with it which seems to happen quite a bit.

"Lust" pet of some sort

Pet with slow or mortal wounds for PvP situations.

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