Is There a 'Best' Overall Spec for M+ ?

For Resto... sorry should have been in title :)

So far I've been running Prosperity + Soul which is versatile as providing more single target burst by having 2 swiftmends and also gives the option for group healing burst with Swiftmending one target then using Wild Growth for the bonus from Soul. Plus I run spring blossoms for even more AoE healing.

Sometimes I wonder if Tree might be better though for tough fights?

Lots of Rejuvs with Germ, cuts mana cost and raises crit chance of Regrowth via Abundance. Stonebark for more Ironbarks, and healing buff with IB. ToL for more burst healing.
I use Prosp/Sotf/blossoms/Germ and have no issues.
probably discipline, or holy, maybe mistweaver. oh you talking about druids? none.

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