are monk or dh better then dk in pvp?

Death Knight
thinking about rerolling as pvp feels horrible right now, but i have not tried pve yet on my dk

out of monk and dh, which is best for pvp and pve? i have both at 110 ready to lv in bfa and enjoy both of the classes

please and thanks

WW Monk is suffering from issues similiar to current DK

Besides, DH is basically monk done right.

Anything a Monk can do a DH can do better.
Wait and see what the coming buffs are. DH will probably be getting nerfed anyway.

Both classes are great for mobility but id pick a Monk over DH any day.

WW Monk done right are LETHAL.
WW Monks are terrible in PvP outside of Karma. So, like every 3 minutes you're fun....

Their mastery is wonky too with Blackout procs, they contradict.

As said above, DH are what monks should be.

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