M+ Loot Curve

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids
Mythic 9
Item Level 365

What's up with this? I won't even pretend that I play at this level because I don't, but seeing other, obviously much more skilled, people with items like this is painful to me.

Wouldn't it make much more sense have a linear difficulty:reward progression?
+0: 340
+2: 345
+3: 350
+4: 355
+5: 360
+6: 365
+7: 370
+8: 375
+9: 380
+10: 385
+11: 390

Whether to keep going higher or perhaps stop a little earlier could be debatable but surely Mythic9 players deserve more than a 365, come on.

Maybe tweak +0 to even blue (330) and start off +2 at 340 - would seem almost perfectly inline with *appropriate* level of difficulty vs Ilvl reward.

I agree 100% with what you say. Here are some major flaws with mythic plus and some potential solutions that my guild, friends, and family have discussed.

1) BfA Affix System creates a non-linear difficulty curve to the Mythic Plus dungeons. Since Fortified/Tyrannical starts on the keys at +2, a second affix at +4, a third affix at +7, and the Seasonal Affix at +10 it really makes the keys punishing from the start. It removes +2s-3s from being "entry-level" mythic plus content and the other affixes can really throw the difficulty curve out of whack. For example, this week is Fortified/Teeming/Quaking/Infested, but since Fortified/Teeming are on the keys from +4-+6 it makes it difficult to complete the dungeon in time to keep upgrading the key to push higher dungeons.

Potential Solution: Remove Fortified/Tyrannical from +2-+3 keys, and readd it along with the seasonal affix at +10, helping to ensure a more linear difficulty and allowing a larger player base to do mythic plus because doing an "entry-level" key won't be so intimidating or gated behind requiring better gear than the dungeon drops.

2) Time investment vs the rewards is extremely out of balance. The time, effort, and gear it requires to get through a key in the timer for the additional piece of loot doesn't match up with the rewards. For example, let's say you are able to clear Normal Uldir (355+ loot) in 2 hours and get 2 pieces of gear in a run (which seems about average). However, when running a +5 Keystone that drops equivalent raid gear that can take anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour because of the difficulty curve mentioned above, but then there's a chance you don't get a single piece of loot from the keystone. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem worth the effort.

Potential Solution: Allow Azerite Pieces to drop from the cache at the end of a Mythic Plus dungeon, and also increase the incentive for finishing within the time, instead of based on how high the key level is. For example, if you finish in the timer and upgrade the key +1 you get a 3rd piece of loot as it currently is, but if you finish the key and upgrade it +2 or +3 then add a 4th piece of loot to the cache.

3) After browsing forums and talking to guild members and friends that play, it seems that it is a pervasive problem when doing Mythic Plus dungeons is when people seem to leave after some failed attempts or cause they don't like how a pull is done, or a multitude of different reasons. This obviously forces the player's key down a level and forces the group to start over. This is not a fun way to play, and can lead to a toxic and frustrating environment.

Potential Solution: Add some sort of endorsements or commendations to be given at the point in which a dungeon has ended, whether because it was completed successfully or someone left the group causing it the key to be finished early that you can down vote the player for something like "Drops Group" "Non-participant", etc or up vote the player "Good Team work" , "Good Leadership", "Good Healer", etc and allow this to be visible to players when creating or joining groups. Note: If the reason is caused because of a disconnect, the player should not be penalized because it is hard to determine if it was done on purpose or there was genuinely technical issues

Hope you enjoy reading this feedback. My guild, in-game friends, and family have all discussed how we wish Mythic Plus could be better and these are just some of the ideas we came up with. Hopefully Blizzard and other players can kick it around too and even come up with better suggestions or improvements based on what they see here.

Cheers and thanks for reading!
09/24/2018 12:02 AMPosted by Quixa

but surely Mythic9 players deserve more than a 365, come on.

They do. Its called weekly mythic chest. And its not a 365 in there.

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