Exploiting Temple of Sethraliss

Bug Report
I was running Temple of Sethraliss through the LFG tool and wouldn't you know the orb glitched out right before the end boss and disappeared, like it does sometimes effectively making the dungeon unfinishable and forcing players to leave, however this druid Nuisance-Silvermoon thought it would be cute to keep Queuing the dungeon back up after people leave and exploiting the LFG tool to zone players into a glitched instance so they would be forced to leave and suffer the 30 min deserter debuff, I know this because I left the first time and then Queued up for another dungeon and was instantly brought back into that glitched instance, the druid just laughed and thought it was funny, I told the other players to leave and tried to explain what the druid was doing but I ended up looking stupid and was kicked and wouldn't you know I got a nice deserter debuff, BLIZZRD this glitch was reported on beta and yet the game goes live with this glitch, I personally myself reported it on beta 5 times...what gives?..not to happy atm.

here is a link for some reference to this issue


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