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I’m looking for an active guild to be a part of while I gear up. I’m willing to transfer realms if it sounds good enough. I’m disabled so I’m on all the time and my right hand doesn’t work but I can play pretty good with my gamepad for my left hand.
Hello, Tsumi!

<Ten Million Years> is a Horde guild on Emerald Dream. We're building our team around 4 simple concepts: stylish and chill raiding, enjoying BfA content, being kind folks, and (optional!) a Pacific NW regional affinity.

Raid and Dungeon events scheduled Tues-Thursday 8:30-11:30 ish Central. Please review our materials online and see if we're a good fit for your goals in Azeroth:


We are enthusiastic about new and returning players and enjoying WoW at every level. The most important thing for us is to have that friendly supportive team vibe. If that sounds good to you then welcome!

Please get in touch with us:
  • by Battle Tag: Foundation#1169
  • by email: guild@tenmillionyears.org
  • online: https://tenmillionyears.org/guild/
Or simply find us in game. Thanks!
That sounds awesome but I can’t get in my bed by myself and I have to have someone help me in and weekdays they usually put me in at about 11-11:30 est so I’d have to go to bed right before you guys are done raiding.

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