Should i switch my main?

Blackhand and Galakrond
Should i stick to being a Demo warlock or should i start using my Fury warrior again? While either class/spec isnt exactly the highest of dps meters, but both are alot of fun to play.

As a demo warlock, i like being able to summon multiple demons to do my bidding only for me to sacrifice them for damage (take that imps) Plus felguard is great, what's better than one felguard? Two of them.

As a Fury warrior, I like being in the thick of combat. Enraging and increasing my haste swinging like a madman who needs to itch something but can't quite reach it. Enemy low on health? Spam execute to finish them off in true warrior fashion.

I'm on the fence, what do you think?
People always need a warlock for pugs, for guild raids they provide tools that no other class has. A fury warrior brings...axes?

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