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Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Greetings everyone! I hope you are all doing fantastic wherever you may be. If you aren’t then I hope you someday find happiness (which is ultimately cake)! My name is Kencake the Boomkin, Semi-Professional Surfer/Paintballer. I am writing this post to introduce a new guild that friends and I recently made and I hope that you will find enjoyment in reading it. We are hoping to do more than just recruit for our guild. We want to build a community based around fellowship so we can all have fun together! We will also be doing open Normal/Heroic Uldir runs every Friday/Saturday until our roster is filled since LFG is plagued with people who ask for unrealistic item levels along with “AoTC” for carries (see other forum post for community runs info). With all of this in mind, I hope to hear from you soon and I wish everyone well for the rest of the expansion! Info will be provided on another forum post! – Kencake, Stuff N Things GM.

About Us:
Stuff N Things was founded by a group of friends who want to make raiding great again. The founding members of the guild have been in some of the most prominent guilds of old with an extensive raiding history and have bonds beyond just the game. The culture and mindset of the current raiding community has shifted away from the core fundamentals that we have always upheld and we are looking to reestablish it within our new home! Our main goal is to have WoW to be a relaxing time for us outside of life and not feel like a job while still full clearing content. We are looking for players who share our game values and match our personalities to create a fellowship that extends well outside of raid. Generally speaking, we will continue to maintain ourselves to be a small guild with the occasional friend joining. It has been proven that big guilds do not normally last long and we plan to be around for awhile. We do not consider ourselves “casual” or “hardcore”. Rather, we go at our own pace which is dictated by our weekly raid performance and passion. If it takes us most of the tier to clear, then so be it. If it takes us only a few weeks to clear, then great. We plan to choose the latter and clear quickly and efficiently to have a good amount of time off before the next tier!

Raid Times:
Friday-Saturday 9:30pm-2:00am EST
We raid as a guild 2 days and that is it. No “optional raids” or adding days for progression. We all have lives and with the repeat of raid mechanics of old just getting a new name in new raids along with the ease of content, the days of raiding 4+ days are unnecessary. Most guilds U.S. 30+ raid on a 3 day schedule. With these factors in mind, 2 days with a 9 hour schedule is a more than reasonable amount of time for the content and brings a sense of urgency to play at your best each pull. Fellowship is cool and all, but wiping on easy bosses 100+ times is not. “Raid Smarter, Not Longer” is our mantra and we are firm believers in it.

Current Recruitment:
We are recruiting players who mesh with all of us on a personal level and who strive to clear content while maintaining a life. We are not “casual” and expect to clear content in a timely fashion, which means we are looking for people who know their class and know how to get out of the fire. We as a guild and players find no need to focus on Logs, Sims, IO Score, AoTC, or any of the nonsense players these days focus on. We all know how to raid and don’t need pure hypothetical outside sources telling us how a robot should play or who carried you to an achievement. We are not looking to micromanage players but expect people to pull their own weight. In addition, we are not looking for people who are annoying (I.e. sounding out emotes in voice, repeatedly trying to make jokes of everything, etc.) or lack common sense. The only real rules we have are to have respect for people. We all come from various backgrounds and walks of life but come together to kill internet bosses. If you find derogatory jokes and/or anything that will incite a non-positive response you need not apply. We aren’t your boss but just want everyone to be treated equally. With that in mind, our raid roster consists of 25 people with 5 people always being rotated in and out. Recruitment will be closed when we have 25 awesome members that fill the roster :D!
In conclusion, if you are the type of player who wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves while clearing content at a reasonable pace, without having to grind yourself into the ground doing it, then we are your guild. We believe if we can build a team around the same goals and aspirations then we will not only have fun, but also have amazing results. Please check your epeen at the door as well, 98% of the player base past, current, and future will always lose to our experience and we have no time for ego contests. We hope to be very open with people so there is no confusion about who we are and what we’re trying to achieve and hope this post has accomplished most of that. We promise we aren’t elitists, just want to provide transparency to everyone! If interested or have any questions, feel free to message myself and/or apply at the link below! When you apply there will be a question where you must answer Cake, you’ll know which one it is when you see it. May you all have an awesome day/night wherever you may be!

Apply at –
Website is coming soon!
Contacts – Kenkinz#1563
Hi, I'm Dontala. You will often see me tossing out a mix of shields and smites to keep my friends going strong. I am excited to see who will join us for some enjoyable content clearing!
Howdy Y'all!
Looking forward to working with everyone!
Let's have fun and make great new memories!
Let's get this party started!

Brakenn, Stuff N Things Officer
Hey y'all! I'm Bow and I'm so excited to be here. I have 2 fur children and I am an altoholic. I'm looking forward to all the fun we will have and the fellowship. Can't wait to meet you!

Bow, Stuff N Things Officer
Hey, Lwe here. For how short I've known you guys, you guys gave me a chance to be part of the group and have fun doing dungeons its really great! Hope to help anyone that may need help in the future!
Don't believe a thing these hacks say. They jump servers and steal from people and lie about their accomplishments. That's all. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of them.
A random level 25 rogue making false claims and trying to start trouble for fun on forums. Get a life lmao
People can believe me or not. I don't really care. Just warning good people out there to avoid this vile group.
What good does it serve you other than to just be a troll to badmouth others?
if you have a personal vendetta with someone this isn't the place to vent such.
I been on KT since 2005 and still here. Welcome to Kirin Tor Realm. Enjoy your stay and hope it last longer then other guilds over the years.
Thanks friend!

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