[H] <Leviathan> is recruiting! (BFA)

Blackhand and Galakrond
<Leviathan> is recruiting!

We are the newly formed guild <Leviathan>, whose objective is building a community of players who will work together towards common goals and challenges, and enjoy the game while doing so!

We want to challenge ourselves in the Heroic tier of raiding this expansion, so our main raid goal is to have the Normal Raid Difficulty on farm as soon as possible, then progressing Heroic Raid Difficulty to experience some of the real challenges the expansion has to offer.


Myself and my officers are in our late 20's and early 30's, fairly experienced players with real life commitments just looking to spend our time in game with those that can respect and treat each other as adults. This means leave the drama at the door, kiddo's.

If you don't necessarily want to raid but like the vibe of this type of community, we're interested in general members as well!
Peak hours of players online tends to be daily between 3pm and Midnight CST.


Our current raid day is set to Sunday at 6pm, and we are looking to add other official raid days based on player availability. (pending Tues/Thurs)


If this seems like a community you would be interested in, pm any of the following officers:
I am interested in your guild
That's great to hear! We are horde, so if you are too on the server by all means hit us up!
I am definitely interested in your guild. I am unsure how to PM the three people you mentioned though. Is that something through the forums or through the blizzard client?

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