Noctum Recruiting for Wed/Th 9-11 Raids

We are looking for dps specifically. Heal or Tank offspec is always useful, but it will be offspec. We raid 4 hours/week and have maintained AotC the last 2 expacs. We won't be cutting edge or mythic raiders, but always raid current content. If you enjoy raiding current content with a strong and stable group with a limited raid schedule, please consider us. Cheers.
No one cares Corey.
Hey a buddy and I are looking to get into some raids. My work schedule really only allows me to Raid on Wed/Thursday. I'm ilvl 354 and my friend is a hunter with an ilvl about the same if not a few points better. I'll shoot you a message in game if we are online at the same time.
Could still use a couple dps. pst in game.

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