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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Knights of Frostmourne (on Frostmourne) formed on the first day the server opened up & have a core group that are still playing together to this day! Here in KoF we're trying to develop what some might consider a 'family.'

If you're sick of the super hardcore guild(s) you've been a part of in the past that are toxic, and strictly serious about WoW, raiding, and forcing you to give up your first born child for the cause, then KoF might be the perfect place for you.. Mostly because we're only like 3/4 of that.

What we want from you!
The standard stuff a hardcore raiding guild would request;
Attendance to raids... if you can't you MUST let SOMEONE know
Potions, the kind you use twice a boss fight that make you go pew pew!
Not dying to slow moving raid mechanics like huge blue waves or puddles of fire
Best in slot Enchants & Gemming...
...You get the point by now

What we offer!
With Knights of Frostmourne you're going to get a really fun group of guys that idle in vent/discord together when not raiding.. we laugh, we have fun, we progress quickly, we send awesome snapchats to each other, we play other games on off nights, we have occasional meet ups IRL, we pay your repairs, we're fair with loot, we're forgiving when you make a mistake and learn from it, we will make fun of you... because we love you. We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life!

More importantly KoF really is all about killing pixels and having a laugh while doing so - we always aim to progress as fast as possible, but we understand that there should be a balance. We feel after 11 years, we're pretty close to finding that paradoxical balance between awesome players and comedians.

Raid days are
Wed: 8:00pm - 11pm+
Sun: 7:30pm - 11pm+

Any exceptional applications are always welcomed.

ADDITIONALLY we welcome people that are happy to be a part of the guild for mythic+/farm runs/casual/backup positions, aka the backbone of a strong guild!

Applications SHOULD go through: https://goo.gl/forms/sHeYhzkhfpFfPliX2
Alternatively hit us up in game mail or whisper any of the following players in game: Kezruc, Danzorr, Druxmonk, Stagzor, Thefaith
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