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Aerie Peak
Ministry of Defense is looking to expand our PvP team!
Whether you are a die-hard player that bleeds for the horde, or you are a person that is interested in being introduced to PvP but doesnt know where to start, or you are somewhere in between and just want to have some fun, boy do I have a deal for you!

We are a casual guild that loves to have fun and hang out. We also love to make our Warchief proud! Some of the more casual events that we do are the weekly brawls, bonus events, raids on Kul Tiras (and other alliance strongholds!), completing old world PvP content for achievements and sport (Tol Barad being the one that comes to mind quickest), random battlegrounds to hone our skills, and some more goofy and fun things like killing each other in Gurubashi Arena for prizes! We run fun and casual things like the ones above every Monday and Tuesday at 5pm server time.
We also have started a rated battleground team that runs every Tuesday at 5pm server time!
If this scheduling doesn't fit you, no worries! There is almost always something going on, whether it be arenas, world pvp, or the likes!
We want to include a little bit of something for everyone. Interested? Check out our awesome website page! https://www.ministryofdefense.net/pvp/ Browse around for a bit, and in the mean time, join us in Discord and come hang out and have a chat! https://discord.gg/Q8sawNp

If this sounds like something you would want to be a part of, you can message anyone in guild for an invite!

Hope to see you on the battlefield!
Currently looking for ranged DPS and healers for rated battlegrounds! We run them every Tuesday night at 5pm server time, until everyone decides to break. Come run with us and have some fun!
Hey! Kill some alliance with us. They need a thinning out! :)
Still not thinned out enough! :)
We now have arenas on Friday nights! They start running at about 8pm server time. The intent is to help train people to work together so they can push rating, try new comps, and just have some fun on a Friday night with friends!
We are looking for people who want to have fun in an adult friendly, non-toxic guild atmosphere!

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